Simple ways to increase your store’s efficiency

A neat warehouse reflects a tidy mind

A neat warehouse can reduce the time and costs of orders. If you organise your warehouse so that it is easily navigable, staff members can find items faster and more efficiently. How do you organise your warehouse? You can monitor your shipping and purchase data to gain insights on what products are most popular or sold together. The items can be placed in areas where they will be picked up and packaged quickly.

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Communication within the team

Communication with the right staff member or team is becoming more difficult as retail stores expand and employees increase. Consider implementing technology to help with communication. From headsets and call points to smartphone apps and pagers, team members can communicate with anyone in the area with just a click of a button. These gadgets are also able to reduce queues at the checkout, open up new tills automatically, and act as a communicative speaker for staff and customers. For a Pager System, contact

Store layout can be simplified and improved

Store layouts should be designed to make it easy for customers to move around. It is better to have clearly marked, organised departments with signs than a large cluster of products that can turn customers off. Displays strategically placed, such as a mannequin displaying the latest must-have item next to the product will help customers visualise the items.

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Measuring your success through merchandising plans

A merchandising strategy helps retailers make the most of their space. By analysing your sales data, you can find out if the departments in your store are working to their full potential, if floor space is being optimised, and if the space allocated to the biggest profit generators is enough.

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