How to increase sales in a restaurant? Amazing tactics

How to increase sales in a restaurant

One of the biggest concerns in the hotel trade is to sell more. Know these tactics on how to increase sales in a restaurant. If I asked you, are you interested in raising sales in your restaurant? Surely you would say that it is the same as if I ask you if you want to breathe to live.

Every manager is interested in increasing sales in his restaurant. Because every day you work more to obtain fewer benefits. Every day you get up and lie down frustrated to do hours and more hours without it being reflected in the accounts or the profitability of your business.

How to increase sales in a restaurant

How to increase sales in a restaurant?

 You have to know your ideal customer like the back of your hand.
 You have to analyze their tastes and customs.
 Segment them by groups.
 Understand the steps that follow in the buying process, and
 Find a way to get to know you in each of the stages they travel to reach you.

Form your team

Form your team

You know that, for me, the issue of restaurant training is crucial.

I left it very clear in this post that caused much controversy, without training, your restaurant will never be successful.

It’s worth nothing if you have a very nice restaurant, with a well-cared letter and that you have a lot of enthusiasm in your business, if your staff does not know what to do, how, when or why, you’re not going anywhere.

Your first step to increase sales in your restaurant is to gather your team, explain what strategy you will implement, what will help them, and what and how they have to act to make these strategies a team success that will benefit to all.

What kind of knowledge will help your team increase sales in your restaurant?

 Product knowledge: if they do not know what they sell, they can hardly sell more.
 How they can describe the products more deliciously.
 Pairings in wines, beers, and drinks.
 At what time they should suggest wine by the glass or by the bottle.
 What are the alternatives there to sell more entrees or accompaniments?
 Always approach the table with the dessert menu open and suggest a dessert.
 Suggest at the same time, coffees and infusions.
 Offer sweet wines or liqueurs to finish.

Did you stop to think about the additional amount of sales that a well-trained staff can give you?

Identify the components of your menu that you will offer

restaurant menu

Like all tactics, if there is no strategy behind, it will not work.

It is not about offering everything at every moment, but about suggesting the most profitable products for the business.

For example, if there is one dessert that leaves more benefits than another, insist that they recommend that dessert instead of any other was much less profitable.

The same can be applied to drinks or starters.

I recommend that you make a list of this type of products and that you communicate it to your team so they can offer it.

You should learn:

 How to make a restaurant menu
 How prices are fixed
 Menu engineering
 How to use neuromarketing to create a profitable charter

Among many other fundamental aspects of the marketing and communication of your menu in your restaurant, which will help you generate many more sales in a short time.

Make your offer sound irresistible


Notice the great difference between saying:

What dessert will he want?

And tell diners:

Today I can recommend a crunchy cake of three chocolates, with hot dulce de leche sauce and homemade walnut ice cream. It is our star dessert.

In the first case, you produce no reaction other than boredom and indifference.

In the second case, when the client’s imagination wakes up the dessert, forces him to say yes.

What if the customer makes a face that he can not eat more?

You could tell them:

If you wish, I bring you one for both, so share it and try it, because this dessert is delicious.

If you think you learn these and other upselling tactics, learn to make a 30% more profitable letter. Then learn to build loyalty to your customers and control all the hidden costs of the restaurant (among many other things), do not stay with this snack.

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