Coping with Being Made Redundant

Sadly, over the last year, the economy has been coming under a lot of stress due to the coronavirus pandemic and the restrictions surrounding it which has unfortunately in turn caused huge rise in job losses and unemployment.

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Companies that have been struggling to cope in these tough times have been cutting down on the numbers of staff that they employ or have been forced to close down for good. Redundancies have been becoming more common sadly over the past year, and this has a huge effect emotionally on people.

If you have been made redundant or are facing redundancy, you are likely feeling a whole range of emotions including fear, anxiety, shock and anger to name but a few. It is normal to feel like this and it is good to give yourself time to process these feelings. Make sure that you have supportive family and friends around you and talk to them about how you are feeling.

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If you feel that you have been made redundant unfairly, you can also speak to people who specialise in helping you to make a constructive dismissal claim, such as Employment Law Friend, as they will be able to give you professional advice on how to proceed.

Financial matters and the uncertainty of losing your job is also a big worry but you can start to look into help that you will be eligible for and also get help with managing the money that you have. Try to keep positive and make sure that you speak to someone if you are feeling bad.

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