How to encourage your staff to have a ‘creative desk’

Not only does having a ‘creative desk’ make a working space more fun to use and to look at but also it can inspire people to be more creative and productive in their work.

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According to the BBC, having a poor office space can severely affect your work. Here are a few ways to create a more inviting space:

Desk made of live-edge wood

A desk using this material creates a simple but beautiful organic desktop. It comes in various sizes, so could be used as a desk for one or more people.

Double-dip desk

The workspaces in the double-dip desk are separated by a dip, which is angular to enable it to hold important papers or favourite books. Office fit out companies will be able to give you more information about this type of desk.

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Floating corner desk

If you have a corner space to fill that is quite awkward, it may be worth having a custom-made desktop to fit the area. Particularly if the corner is by a window, a cosy area can be set up and it is always good to know that every inch of space is being used wisely. Specialist office fit out companies will be able to advise you on this option.

Bookshelf desk

If you love your books or need regular access to them, a bookshelf desk may appeal. This type of desk involves a V-shaped shelf running down one side and creates a sleek modern look. It has the added benefit of holding all your favourite books within close reach when needed.

Standing desk

This minimalist-style desk saves space and gives an informal look. A stool can be twinned with the desk to enable you to sit down when you need a break from your standing position.

Painted wood desk

Colour has an amazing effect on mood. With wooden desks, you can choose a vibrant, exciting colour to motivate you, or perhaps a cool, calm colour to relax you as you work. Again, office fit out companies can advise you.

There are lots of choices out there and it is a fun process to decide which creative desk you are going to choose. In a growing market, more and more designs are becoming available to suit the mood and look you wish to create.

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