The Rise of Online Shopping and Changes in Consumer Habits

A couple of decades ago, at this time of the year, the high street would have been swamped with people all looking for the Christmas gifts for the big day. Christmas shopping was the busiest time of the year for the high streets all over the country. However, in recent years, much shopping has been done online for Christmas and the pandemic has led to even more people making purchases online rather than going out to the shops. In fact, one survey said that as many as one in three British people will be buying Christmas presents online only this year, without setting foot in a physical shop at all!

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Of course, online shopping is incredibly convenient, and this is one of the reasons it has taken off- being able to shop from the comfort of home and not having to fight through the crowds going to the shops is appealing to many people.  Bargain hunters also love it, as it is much easier to shop around online and compare prices.

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However, this rise in online shopping has meant that the supply chains have also had to rapidly adjust to consumer habits, which can be quite a demand especially in the run up to Christmas when things do need to be delivered quickly. Warehouses have had to make sure that they are well organised – from increased staff training to using bonded warehouse management from Gaina, they need to use all that they can to make sure they are providing a good service.

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