What are the applications and benefits of a bending machine?

No modern metalworking shop is complete without a bending machine. These easy-to-operate, high-precision machines are ideal for bending various metals along with the capability for punching holes of various shapes. The operation of these machines is mostly controlled by a computer program, so skilled labour is not required.

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Types of bending machines

There is a wide variety of bending machines.

One example is the sheet bending machine which can put bends in metal panels, making it ideal for use in the production of such things as cylinders. The hydraulic press bending machine is extremely low maintenance and very energy efficient as well as being fast.


Bending machines produce products across a very wide range of industries.

In the furniture industry, they are used to make framing and supports for chairs, beds, and shelving units. Household appliances, too, use many shaped-metal parts either internally or as part of the shell. The construction industry is a large user of bent and shaped metal for fencing and for concrete reinforcing, among other things. Or consider how we would make modern gym machines without all the shaped metal parts that they require.

The list of products made with bending machines is almost endless. Just look around, and everywhere you will see products that have parts shaped by a bending machine. For a detailed overview of these fascinating machines, see here:

The benefits

Bending machines are ideal for large-scale automated production runs. Alternatively, they can produce one-offs, and this ability to create custom parts is invaluable in the engineering sector.

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Their ease of use and simple maintenance is another bonus. In the modern industrial environment, their lack of downtime due to maintenance issues is invaluable. Their simplicity of use reduces safety issues in the workforce too, and fairly minimal training is needed to operate one safely.

It is hard to imagine metal production without these machines. Whatever industrial bending needs you may have, there is sure to be a machine that can deal with it efficiently.

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