Tips for hanging curtains correctly

Curtains have become increasingly popular as home décor elements due to their multiple benefits such as light control, privacy enhancement, and style advancement through textures. Despite their importance in revamping spaces, choosing ideal curtains can be daunting since various factors come into play such as curtain length. In this article we’ll discuss three common mistakes people make when buying curtains for their homes.

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Choosing short window coverings is perhaps one common mishap many people make, leading to odd looks making spaces appear too small or unfinished without purposeful intent! The ideal length that brings out timeless elegance is achieved by ensuring that your drapes touch or slightly puddle on the floor; however if you use them regularly then it’s best if they stay within half an inch from ground level so pet hair and dust doesn’t get trapped in them, hence keeping cleanliness easier. When you need Curtain Makers London, go to

You can achieve this look by adding more fabric to your curtains. Sometimes our homes surprise us by having impressively tall ceilings- but with great height comes great decorating responsibility! One common mistake we see is people hanging their curtains too high up in these spaces. Unfortunately this practice has an unintended consequence: making those lofty ceilings look less substantial.

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Luckily there’s an easy fix: simply install your draperies so that they rest about 8 inches above the top of each window frame. By doing so you’ll create visually appealing lines while also giving viewers a chance to appreciate all that vertical space.

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