Advances in Solar Energy Technology

The sun is a powerful energy source. It bathes our planet in enough energy to meet the world’s power needs many times over, and it does so without releasing carbon dioxide or running out. However, the sun’s light typically turns into heat when it hits certain materials, so we need to find a way to convert that light into useful electricity.

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Solar panels produce a lot of energy and can lower your monthly electric bill, especially in places with plenty of sunshine. It’s possible to reap savings by switching to solar. For more details on Solar Panel Installation Portishead and how this can help you to reduce your energy bills, go to

To make the best use of solar energy, scientists continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible with solar technology. They are developing bifacial solar panels that soak up sunlight from both sides, increasing efficiency by up to 40 percent. Technological advances in solar cell materials are leading to improvements in efficiency, durability and power-making capabilities.

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Currently, silicon solar cells are the most widely used for electricity generation. But they are susceptible to a degradation process called low-temperature degradation. The problem is caused by oxygen molecules breaking down the crystalline structure of silicon, which limits the cell’s ability to conduct electricity. This issue is the primary reason why solar panel owners are encouraged to install an anti-islanding inverter for their photovoltaic systems.

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