5 mental and physical benefits of golf

benefits of golf

The golf is a sport that is often considered exclusive to the upper classes, but over time has become more accessible. Beyond who practice it, the truth is that it brings with it numerous benefits and benefits for the body. Today we will focus on detecting and highlighting these benefits of golf and why it is advisable to practice golf. Take note if you are looking for motivation to start practicing this sport.

5 benefits of golf

Remember that no matter your age or physical condition, there are paths and ways to practice golf that suit every type of person. It is a discipline that should be practiced easily and with numerous benefits for individuals.

Joint wear

1. Do not need Joint wear

Golf is a soft practice sport; this implies that our joints do not suffer from sudden movements or constant shocks. Joint wear in athletes who practice golf is much less than in other disciplines. This makes golf an excellent sports option regardless of age and physical shape with which we go to practice it.

Improves body flexibility and musculature

2. Improve body flexibility and musculature

With the most frequent movements in the practice of golf, we will be toning the muscles of the trunk, of the arms, back, toráx and abdomen. Regular training in golf will gradually make these muscles gain tone and significantly improve their flexibility. Also, the practice of golf is done outdoors and allows better oxygenation, enhancing the tasks of synthesis of vitamin D. This vitamin helps strengthen bones and improve blood circulation.

Anti-stress sport

3. Anti-stress sport

As we said above, golf is a sport that is practiced outdoors. This implies a relaxed scenario in which we can go walking and socializing with other players. This makes golf an excellent therapy for people suffering from nerves or stress due to the pressures of work or daily life. Practicing golf regularly, going for a walk around the circuit and chatting with a friend who plays with us makes the experience relieving.

attention and concentration

4. Development of attention and concentration capacity

Those people who practice golf on a regular basis know that concentration is essential for a good blow. When it comes to achieving good technique and improving in golf, we must develop the ability to concentrate and focus on the techniques and movements we are carrying out. For this reason, golf is an excellent bet when working on mind and attention in the medium and short term.

Cardiovascular benefits

5. Cardiovascular benefits

Another of the great benefits of golf is cardiovascular. It helps fight cholesterol and keep blood pressure at acceptable levels. During a game of golf, we walk around 7 or 10 kilometers depending on the size of the circuit. It is a gentle aerobic exercise, highly recommended for people who cannot perform other types of training. Are you looking to keep fit with a soft practice sport? Golf is the best option.

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