4 towel slide exercises for staying fit all time

towel slide exercises

When you do not have material to do exercises at home, we must pull imagination. And is that, in a conventional home, we have more resources to train than we believe. And in this article, I bring you a series of towel slide exercises for staying fit.

Towel slide exercises

It is difficult to choose between which are the best exercises to gain muscle mass. There is such a large variety that we do not know if we are doing right or wrong. Well in this article, I want to help you select among the best there are to achieve our goals. If you are female, you can try obese exercises instead of military exercise.

One of the sports methods that exist in the military for its combination of exercises and how to join them in a routine. In Exercises at home, I have already exposed different routines of military training that you can follow with, and without material. I leave some of them for you to consult:

  1. Military training
  2. Military training without material
  3. Military circuit

As you can see, military training routines tend to meet a series of guidelines when including very similar exercises, which I will proceed to explain below. I hope you will be of help to organize your exercise routine in the future.

Is the military press behind the neck a harmful exercise?

The key to physical progress, without a doubt, is to move forward without suffering any injury. For this, it is important to properly choose the exercises that we are going to carry out based on our objectives, and that we can do it in optimal health conditions, without negatively affecting our progress.

And it is here, where more emphasis I will realize and is that today I will try to analyze one of the most harmful exercises that, a priori, exist: the press behind the neck.

Loaded with kettlebell

Loaded with kettlebell

The kettlebells are more than adequate instruments to work strength and muscular resistance from our house. They offer us some resources that we can take advantage of if we know some of the main movements that can be made with it.

The one loaded with the kettlebell is a very useful exercise to improve our organization, coordination, strength, and explosiveness. It is a basic movement that should be integrated into general conditioning training.

Burpee jack

Burpee jack

The burpee jack is a more complicated variation than the classic burpee. It is an exercise that is usually practiced by members of the armed forces of different countries, being an animal functional exercise to gain strength, cardiovascular endurance, and muscular power.

Atlas Squat

Atlas Squat: Zercher Position

Atlas is a titan of Greek mythology who, as a punishment of the Olympian gods after the victory obtained before the Titans, forced him to bear the weight of the world (which had suffered catastrophic damage after such a bloody battle). It is for this reason that the round rock raised by athletes of the sports discipline known as strongman has been given the name of Atlas.

HIIT workouts

HIIT workouts

The 3 workouts that I bring you today are perfect circuits to perform at the end of each training session to improve the strength-endurance capacity and cardiovascular capacity. They are short, but intense they focus on working in a short space of time at a high rate. They are types of training based on the HIIT methodology.

These 4 towel slide exercises for shoulder have a similar methodology and structure. The only thing that differentiates them is that each one is focused on a different level. They are designed for people with different abilities, and also with different materials. So, according to our possibilities, we can develop them.

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