Current trends in web design

The strategies you use to optimise the performance of your website need to keep up with the times, as every business looks to make their website stand out from the crowd.

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Here are some techniques you could use to update your website so that it meets modern customer expectations.

Go big

Large typography and clear, crisp images can make your brand stand out on your website. Having large fonts on your website helps visitors distinguish your site from other websites, so your brand is more likely to stick with them.

Large images are important as well. For those customers who don’t respond to text, large images on your website will get your point across, showing product features, ways to use or customer reactions without having to say a word. If you are using large images, make sure they are responsive so that they resize to appear at their best on whichever device your website visitors are using.

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A partner such as Reading web design agency could help you decide how to go big with the right fonts and images to represent your brand and encourage more of your visitors to take action on your website.

Videos in the background

With so many websites taking on the trend to feature videos, some went too far by featuring multiple videos in multiple places on each page. Now, a smart website prioritises one video per page with it playing automatically in the background when a visitor comes to your page.

Entrepreneur magazine reminds us that video is important for marketing purposes, with search engines ranking pages including video higher and it can increase conversions, with customers being clearer about what a product or service will bring to them after watching a short video.

Keep it simple

Over the years many unique and complicated things have been developed by web designers looking to make their designs stand out. However, a fancy website doesn’t always have the desired effect of converting more customers because visitors prioritise being able to accomplish what they want quickly and easily. Flat design is still preferred by a lot of people, meaning shadows, moving icons and unnecessary page elements are stripped back.

Try incorporating these trends into your website design to optimise its performance.

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