Office Rents are cheaper than ever after Covid

Covid caused a lockdown in many countries across the globe and led to a change in business practices. Many people were forced to work from home and are not overly keen to change that as the threat of the virus reduces. Companies, too, are keen to see staff continue to work from home indefinitely.

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For many years, the technology and infrastructure have been in place for a lot of people to skip the commute and work from home office space. That has been put to the test during lockdown with great success. Now businesses are calculating how much money they can save in overheads such as office space and electricity if they allow their employees to work from home indefinitely and they like the figures.

It is estimated that rents in London will drop by up to 40 per cent over the next couple of years as business spaces downsize. It is also estimated that many companies will leave the capital altogether. They will not need to have a central location that their staff can get to easily if everyone is working from home. Therefore, any premises they do need can be moved to the suburbs where rents are cheaper.

What this means for companies who are looking to start up or perhaps move into the cities is that rents are going to be a lot cheaper. This is great for those businesses who did not think they could afford a central presence or brand-new companies looking to take advantage of the rental opportunity they will be offered.

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Office Furnishings

Another thing Covid-19 has caused to develop more rapidly is online shopping. Of course, this has been around for several years now but has increased as people have been in lockdown because they have not able to shop on the high street.

This is great news for companies looking to furnish their new, affordable offices as next day delivery office desks and other furniture is now easier to obtain that ever with sites such as now making office furniture easily available.

It seems that every dark cloud has a silver lining for those who seek it, and businesses seeking offices to rent are no exception. There has never been a better time to find affordable space as office rents are cheaper than ever after Covid.

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