Are Aran sweaters comfortable to wear?

Aran jumpers look beautiful, but sometimes consumers have concerns that aran knitwear may be itchy or uncomfortable to wear. Thankfully, this is not the case and we outline below exactly why an aran jumper is one of the most comfortable types of sweaters to wear.

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Origin of Aran Knitwear

Aran knitwear takes its name from the The Aran Islands, a collection of small islands off the coast of Ireland, where the knitwear originated. Many islanders were fishermen and farming families whose livelihoods depended on being outdoors in harsh weather conditions. Traditionally, Aran jumpers were knitted from sheep’s wool and were designed to keep the wearer warm and dry. With water repellent and insulating properties, Aran knitwear was practical and the designs were attractive.

Because of their origin, Aran sweaters have a very natural and almost rugged appearance which is why people sometimes have the worry that the sweaters may be rough. Nowadays, many aran jumpers, such as Aran sweaters from Shamrock Gift, are crafted from 100% soft merino wool which makes them incredibly comfortable.

Merino Wool

Merino sheep are extremely wooly and are a breed valued by farmers for their high yield of wool output. As well as this, merino sheep are famed for the unbelievable softness of the wool they produce.

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Fine Fibres

It is the fineness of the merino wool fibres which make it just so soft. Merino wool fibres are very fine and are smaller and thinner than other coarser wool fibres. It is the fineness of fibres which gives them amazing flexibility and merino wool fibres have the ability to bend more easily than larger, thicker wool fibres. Because the fibres are so fine and flexible, a merino wool jumper fits perfectly to the body and moves easily, making it extremely comfortable to wear.

Temperature regulation

Another benefit of merino wool is its ability to help the body to remain at a stable temperature. In cold weather, the fibres of an Aran jumper are able to trap air and insulate the body, whereas in warmer conditions, merino wool has the benefit of transporting sweat effectively and quickly away from your skin, keeping you cool, dry and comfortable.

Because of the properties of merino wool, Aran knitwear is extremely comfortable to wear and is a fantastic addition to your wardrobe, suitable to all seasons.

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