What is project work?

project work

Project work-The educational model is in a stage of enormous transformation compared to the traditional system, books, exams and eternal classes have their days numbered. A new educational method is making its way into USA classrooms, project work.

What is project work?

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It is 9:00 am and the children enter their respective class, put on their coat and backpack, and sit in their place. The teacher then enters and greets her students, we would all expect her to take a book out of her briefcase, open it and begin to explain the amphibians and mammals. But she does not do any of that. He sits at the table and asks his students if they have ever seen a frog, in response to this. We found 99% of hands raised wanting to tell their particular story with these animals. The teacher has created a new project of a totally everyday situation.

After listening to the explanation of each child and taking into account that the children live in a rural environment, generates the proposal: each team must capture a frog to bring it to class without damaging it. And they must study it in class for a day, investigate their food, characteristics of the amphibians, where they live … After that they will release it where they found it and they will have three days to present their work. He has just formulated a project work.

How do children get the information?

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Applying how teachers do not explain the theory monotonously during the class, they use that time to solve the doubts that children come up with during the project work. The idea is for the children to investigate on their own. Looking for Internet or adducing books, or asking for help from their parents and relatives. It is also common for teachers to give them teaching materials that they must synthesize and give them a boost with their research.

The main advantages of project work over the traditional model are the following:

  • The project work has an edge clear, and is encouraging children to be more self – taught, by making themselves. The project by acquiring the concepts through an organized research allows better learn the concepts, more fun and above all be interested in the subject.
  • It forces them to work as a team, allowing each student in the group to contribute their bit. Depending on what is best given to them and thus promote the qualities of each one.
  • They learn digital skills, having to go to technology to get information about the project.
  • And finally, it improves the social relations of the students, helping the most timid children to relate with their classmates.

What is  work plan?

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A work plan is a tool with which to organize and simplify the activities necessary to carry out an action. With this tool we can plan and manage all the necessary resources to be able to execute this work. Likewise, a work plan helps us systematize all the information generated, acting as an excellent communication tool.

All companies need a plan that allows them to reach the estimated results through the design of a strategy. For this they need a plan, a guide with which to achieve what is expected. This type of tool is used in the same way for all kinds of projects.

A business is a project, as well as the launch of a certain product within a large company. Therefore, it is vital to know the steps to develop a work plan that is really effective. And using all the most innovative and accessible technology for any type of company.

In this article we will explain how to prepare a work plan for a project, what is really a work plan. Its advantages and limitations. And all this applied to the business work plan. In order to identify the keys to take advantage of all available resources and optimize the work of our teams.

Work plan for work project

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 A project is a set of activities with which to reach an objective in an estimated time and under specific requirements. This type of work has a beginning and an end. In it, a work team determined on a specific date usually invest their efforts so that everything is executed as planned. Therefore, we say that a project is something unique. In which specific tasks are planned to achieve a unique product or service.

The existence of companies dedicated to exclusive and specialized production, directed. And individualized for each client, is very frequent. And is that personalized production is increasingly popular and appreciated by customers. Project work is the key to satisfy this need. Hence, a work plan format for a project is followed, as we will see.

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