The Car of your dreams.

What would be the car of your dreams? Let’s not limit ourselves to the ordinary car. Let’s take our imagination into the realms of pure fantasy and see if it matches up to what there actually is out there at present. If that is a bit too much, then you could start by picking out a nice one to put on a Car lap tray like the ones that you can choose from and all personalised at Now let’s take a flight into the future and imagine what that dream car will look like.

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If you consider a dream car many of the features that we talked about in the nineteen forties onwards have actually become reality with our modern vehicles. For example, moulded headlights as part of the cars body work were just a dream to the owners of say the MG TD, which stuck out and where unsightly but then that also changed when some students designed pop up lights that sunk back into the car when it was daylight. Such were the lights on the TR7 and certain Alfa Romeos.

What about a car that automatically starts? This is the norm for us now and with the adaption of the automatic choke simply press a button and off it goes. This would have seemed an impossible dream to the early motorists as they had to use a crank handle to start the car. There was a special method of holding it so that you didn’t break your wrist off. What fun the early motorist had in those days. It’s unlikely that you had side windows as well.

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Maybe you dream is to have a car that doesn’t run on fossil fuel? Well, now this is slowly becoming a reality as the hybrid or one hundred percent electric car is starting to become common place. Hybrids are not new. They were around in the nineteen twenties but were very underpowered so were not commercially acceptable and they have never gone away its just become more relevant.

Perhaps you’d like a car that can turn into a boat? We’ve most of us seen the Lotus Esprit of James Bond do this but there was designs and even some models made of a car boat. Mercedes have already developed a SLR convertible car boat model. It’s been designed with rising sea levels and manoeuvring flooded areas in mind. How about one that can fly? Whilst there are no plans to mass produce them there are some Manufacturers who are toying with the concept. If you want a time machine, then the Deloren Model is still a way away.

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