How to take advantage of the innovative zero step?

zero step

If you are a little involved in the world of basketball you will certainly be aware of the recent regulatory amendment that introduces the so-called ‘zero step’ among other things.

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  • Brief explanation
  • How to take advantage of this new resource?
  • Other examples
  • Where do not use the zero step

Here we present advantage of the innovative zero step

Brief explanation

Usually, when you received the ball with a foot supported or moving  -or you let it rest in one or both hands after a pot- you could only take one more step, since the foot that you had in contact with the ground was considered your first support, before throwing a basket or passing the ball.

zero step

With the new step rule, this first support is considered your ‘zero step’ – hence the name of the norm – so you can still give your first and second support before ending the action.

This does not mean that the exit steps have been eliminated. Since if we are in static, the rule is still applied as it was done. But it is an important evolution that will have a lot of influence on the offensive game at the FIBA level.

With this modification, it seems clear that the highest body at the level of world basketball seeks to benefit the offensive basketball, which always seems to be in tow from the defenses.

The improvement in defense, based on physical and tactical aspects, is much simpler than the improvement in the offensive aspect based on technical aspects. That is why this type of regulatory measures seems very acceptable.

How to take advantage of this new resource?

After having made clear what the new ‘zero step’ consists of, how can we take advantage of it to get the best out of it?

There are many voices that have spoken on the matter, from players and coaches to the referees themselves, but the main thing to keep in mind is that, as we have said, we can only take advantage of this when we are on the move.

zero step

With this in mind, we can use the ‘zero step’ when receiving the ball in the race or at the end of a dribble.

The best trick is to perform a combination of both moments. When you receive the ball in the race with one foot supported – zero step. We give a first support, a second and release the ball before lifting the first foot. This will allow us to advance a large number of meters without having exhausted our boat. Keep reading The Importance of Correctly Fitted Shoes

Taking into account this terrain that we will have advanced. It is very likely that we are already enough of the basket to try to finish the play.

At that moment – always with only one foot on the ground and in motion. We started the continuous action – again making the same account of 0.1.2 of the previous paragraph.

With this simple technical gesture, we can be able to travel half the field using only one boat. If you want to play football here we present 13 tips.

Other examples

We are talking about – surely – the way to take greater advantage of this new norm; However, there are other technical gestures in which we can use the ‘zero step’ :

  • Reversals: it is important to know how to benefit in this situation. Since from now on it will be legal what was usually sanctioned as ‘steps’.
  • Stops: when dealing with moves that are at the limit between movement and static, it can be interpreted that the new standard of steps is However, it is possible that we will be sanctioned on some occasion.
  • Exit: yes we take advantage of our explosiveness and we make a movement moments before receiving the ball. We can enjoy the ‘zero step’ to the detriment of our defender.

Where do not use the zero step

zero step

On the other side of the coin, we find the colloquially called ‘ missteps ‘.

This movement continues to be sanctioned as ‘steps’ when the support foot is repeated.

That is, to perform a ‘stumble’ correctly, we must make a strong boat just before jumping, to finish with a normal entry one-two, with the advantage that we can leave behind our defender with this way to start the dribble.

However, first level coaches have assured that it is no longer worth making use of this technical gesture. Since one step is lost compared to a normal entry after the entry of ‘zero step’.

What is your opinion regarding the new concept of steps that have been introduced in our basketball?

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