How does a spray booth filtration system work?

A spray booth is a closed environment that is pressure controlled and is most commonly used to paint vehicles. The booth is able to control the atmosphere inside it, including temperature, air flow and humidity thanks to a ventilation system which makes use of two airflow systems. One system sees air move horizontally from one side to another, whereas the other transfers the air from the ceiling down to the floor.

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Toxic solvents as well as harmful paint particles are exhausted out of the booth after being filtered so they aren’t released into the atmosphere, whilst air entering into the booth is also filtered to stop air particles which could affect the application of paint. The filters used ensure that the booths adhere to health and safety regulations as well as enabling painters to carry out their work without fear of contaminants affecting the end product.

It is essential that filters are checked regularly and maintained to ensure that both the air going in and coming out is of the right standard.

Filter maintenance

After a while filters will inevitably get blocked with contaminants which will impact their efficiency. Filters that don’t work effectively can lead to bad paint jobs, which will then need corrective work such as sanding or buffing and even reapplication. This leads to additional costs and less likelihood of production targets being met. That’s why it is imperative that filters are checked and changed regularly.

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When to change?

This all depends on the workload you have and the type of booth you’re using. However, many manufacturers will tell you how long a filter can be operated before it needs to be changed. It’s normally around 60 hours.

Filters used in the intake of air will be affected by the air quality of the local environment. If you’re in a location where there are lots of pollutants in the atmosphere, you’ll be required to change your spray booth filters, like those found at, more regularly.

If the performance of the paint booth drops suddenly it’s a good idea to change the filters immediately. Of course, if your spray booth has been fitted with a velocity meter or a manometer this is a more accurate way of verifying when you should change filters.

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