More top tips to make your small space feel bigger

With house prices soaring, it is unsurprising that many homeowners are getting less space for their money when it comes to the property market.

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While smaller homes and a lack of space were once seen as a negative, it seems that many younger homeowners today are favouring it. An article in the Boston Globe says that millennials are living small and embracing the positive elements of smaller home, such as affordability, environmental benefits and fewer items to acquire.

Despite these plus points, there are some practical constraints to living in a small space, so here are a few simple design tips to help your small home feel bigger.

Glass furniture

Glass furniture is not just stylish but also gives the illusion of more space due to less ‘blocky’ items in a room. The translucence and reflective surfaces make for a room in which light can literally spread everywhere.

Break the rules

Don’t be confined by interior expectations. Your living room does not necessarily need a coffee table, TV unit and three-piece suite. If you are happy with a beanbag in place of a chair, go for it. If you could use a shelf as a place to perch your coffee cup, why not? Break the rules and go with what makes your space light, airy and personal to you.

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Opt for furniture with legs

Similar to the glass furniture trick, opting for furniture – such as sofas, chairs and beds – with exposed legs gives the illusion of more space because it allows light and space to radiate around the furniture instead of it appearing as a big, boxy unit.

Leave windows bare

Ditch the lavish curtains, which limit the amount of light that can flow through your property. As we all know, light creates space. A bare window can be more practical if you have tilt and turn windows, which are available from companies such as This enables you to fully open the windows without heavy curtains getting in the way. If you are worried about privacy, use a blind or a light drape instead.

Choose lighting wisely

Overhead spotlights that focus light into a certain area can be restrictive and make a room feel smaller. Instead, use a variety of lamps or even candles to spread light around the room.

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