Carer’s Week

Each day in the UK, around six thousand people begin the new role of carer. Across the country, there are six and a half million individuals who care for others in an unpaid voluntary capacity. They are caring for family members, friends or neighbours who might be poorly, disabled or weak. Whilst they are offering free care services, they would most likely say that they are just being a good spouse, mother, father, son, daughter, friend or neighbour.

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During times of need, as people find they need help with their daily life they often turn to the family and their friends. Keeping each other safe is something we do. We should all be ready to care.

The role of a carer involves assisting with personal activities like helping someone wash and get dressed, helping to put them to bed, helping them to move around or giving them their medication. A carer might also help with things like housework, shopping, laundry, meal prep or managing money. Sometimes, it will become too much, and this is when professional care services can be a life saver. For more information on Live in Care Bath, visit a site like, a leading provider of Live in Care Bath

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In June every year, the nation celebrates Carer’s Week to celebrate and acknowledge the contributions of all the 6.5 million unpaid caregivers across the country. Whilst we recently clapped for the NHS and carers, we should spare a thought for those who do this work day in, day out and do it out of love not for any financial renumeration.

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