Architects Unveil a Vision of Homes on Mars

There aren’t many of us who would say that life on Mars is an ambition; indeed, the Red Planet isn’t conducive to human activities. That said, architects have created a vision of what homes on Mars might look like. In this article we take a look at this planetary prediction.

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The Power of Three

The project concentrated on three different abodes to suit varying budgets: an apartment for young professionals – although the sort of jobs they would have on Mars still remains unclear; a home for a family/ and a fabulous luxury pad – bespoke oak carport included!

Key Considerations

Some of the most important factors for this visionary project include light, protecting the dwellings from radiation – due to its thin atmosphere – and those cosmic rays. Secondly, insulation is a major factor, as Mars can be chilly and prone to dust storms.


Life on Mars won’t only have practical challenges: there will also be a need to ensure that those who may take up living there have a lifestyle akin to what they had on Earth. Companies such as may eventually get there, but they are well aware that if it is to become a reality then it needs to be appealing.

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The Apartment

Aimed at individuals and couples, these pods incorporate tunnels leading to shared gardens and work areas. Fancy a virtual tour? Tinted glazing filters out the radiation, and the walls are designed to protect against the cold.

The Family Home

Built within a cave-like structure, the family home includes a drive, a garage, a conservatory and a veranda as well as an indoor garden. Light is an important factor, with LEDs and camera systems acting as windows and offering vistas of the outside. Indeed, other virtual views could also be added into the design to include parks, forests and rivers, providing familiar Earth-like sights to the settlers.

The Mansion

The mansion – built on three levels – includes a fabulous living space, private indoor garden, a gym that allows for traditional outdoor exercise activities in an artificially oxygenated environment and a carport.


Mars isn’t quite ready to support human life: there are many issues that need solving, including the problem of artificial gravity, protecting humans from space radiation, and childbearing in space. However, watch this space!


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