How to mute phone automatically during meeting or sleeping

How to mute phone

Many smartphone users don’t know how to mute automatically. The true potential of a smartphone is in the possibility of making it truly intelligent, being able to create behavioral profiles and that these execute a task automatically. A rough way that our phone can. For example, activate the Bluetooth when it detects a free hand, mute the tone of calls when we go to bed or reject calls at untimely hours, and all this automatically, without having to be us every day activating and deactivating these options.

How to mute phone automatically

How to mute phone

Ways to do it there are several, perhaps the most complete with the Tasker application, which is what I use to create my behavioral profiles. I understand that the operation of Tasker can be somewhat complex for many. Especially without ever having dealt with this type of applications.

A somewhat more intuitive application that also helps us to automate tasks, but in my opinion something more limited than Tasker. But if what you are searching for is simply an application that silences your phone at certain times. So that, nobody bothers you, perhaps Silent Time, a good application to leave our phone silent when we are sleeping, may be enough for you.

Auto Silent Mode app

Gang Filter app

But of course, we are assailed by the need to let some calls from important contacts pass, such as family members, whose calls we want to receive, hear and wake up. In this case, we can choose applications such as Auto Silent Mode, a call filter that rejects all calls within a set timeframe but with which we can create a whitelist of allowed calls. Very effective application, but somewhat rough in its configuration.

If what you want is something quick, intuitive and above all effective and easy to configure. You may be satisfied with Agent, a careful application with an exceptional design, intuitive and easy for the beginner. It incorporates 5 profile managers that we can use to automate Some tasks with our phone, among them. To silence the phone and also rejects all those calls that we do not want, bypassing those that we indicate.

How to use it?

How to use

After installing the application, by clicking on start, the same application will begin to install the 5 profiles that have predefined, among them the one to mute and reject calls. The second profile called Sleep is the one that will serve us for our purpose. When clicking on it, we see that the first option that we can edit the profile are the hours of each day in which we want our phone to enter silent mode.

Not only can we edit those periods of silence, but we can also add all we want. The second editable option of this profile is the one corresponding to incoming calls. By default, this is configured so that it does not admit any incoming call when any of the silence periods is activated. By clicking on “Nobody,” we can add contacts to those who will allow them to ring their calls, as long as the option “Telephone calls that can wake me up” is activated.

We can also silence all SMS that we receive, if we leave the option of text messages unchecked, or allow only those of the people to whom we allow the calls, checking this option.

More configurations

Auto Silent Mode

But if we click on the option, we can configure more aspects of this profile. For example, add a few extra minutes of silence in each profile, very useful if someday we get up a little later, or as configure so that only the silence profiles start when we have the charger connected.

We can also automate the sending of an SMS to the person who calls us when our phone is silent establishing the text we want or allow incoming calls of a number when it calls more than 5 times.


We can configure if we allow the vibration for notifications or we also silence them and a quite useful option for those who do not usually leave their phone charging during the night, and that is that we can disable the synchronizations of the phone, the Bluetooth, the wifi and even mobile data when our silence profiles are activated.

As you can see about how to mute phone automatically, Agent is a complete application to, among other things, leave our phone in silence when we want. It’s easy and intuitive and not as complicated as Tasker might seem at first. Also, this application incorporates 4 more profiles that may be useful.

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