How to start a call center business? 14 steps to start

How to start a call center business

Call centers are outsourced businesses by other companies to provide customer service, without the need to create a department for that task. This type of business has to be adaptable because the call centers handle different companies simultaneously. Call centers can charge their services by calling or by the hour. Let’s discover how to start a call center business.

How to start a call center business?

This business for people who have great business ambitions and who also understand how to provide customer service, how to increase sales and how to make direct sales. In these times where communication is becoming automated, human warmth is what stands out. Because call centers are outsourced by other countries, it is necessary to be able to balance call rates. So the owners of this business have to have business experience.

How to start a call center business

What happens during a typical day in a call center?

In the beginning, the owners of a call center should focus on the advertising of their business and in the search for companies that want to contract the services. As new clients arrive, owners can now focus on making customers happy and looking for new ways to achieve their company’s goals.

  • Find and maintain an economic space.
  • Buy all the relevant equipment.
  • Handle customer complaints.
  • Listen to calls for quality assurance.
  • Create schedules for employees.
  • Determine which markets to target.
  • Stay at the forefront of emerging technology.

What is the target market?

Call centers look for companies that do not have the resources to have their own call center. Because the costs to buy the equipment is high, 90% percent of the companies are not prepared or do not want to have their own call center. Therefore, they seek to outsource this task and the main objective is those kinds of companies.

Call centers can charge per hour or per call. Because the times of the calls can be different, it is advisable to charge per hour. A call center company usually charges $8 dollars per hour in Latin America and in countries like the United States they can charge up to $25 dollars.

What is the growth potential of a call center?

Call centers have a great potential for growth when their services are of quality. The call center can have a specific niche, such as the telephone market, services or dedicate to what is the marketing or prepaid niche.

The costs to start a call center business can be very high because it requires licenses to work. In some cities, licenses are free, while in other cities they cost thousands of dollars. Also, the rent of the place is usually very expensive, where it is estimated that it is required to invest USD $ 1,200 dollars for each box of work (including furniture, cables, equipment, etc).

What are the expenses for a call center?

Much of your expenses will be made at the beginning, but you should consider the following costs:

  1. Employee salaries
  2. General office supplies (including equipment replacement)
  3. Utilities and construction fees
  4. Travel expenses to persuade new clients
  5. Equipment update (eg, VoIP technology, etc.)

14 steps to open a call center

How to start a call center business

Many companies are investing in call centers or call centers. It entities that employ a customer support group to handle over the phone the questions and concerns of the customers of the company . Because large and small businesses are realizing the benefits of having centers of calls, starting a business call center can be a very lucrative venture. Let’s see what steps are necessary to implement one:

1. A study of the call center industry should be conducted. The Internet is a good starting point. You should consult with the current owners of call centers, in addition to the possibility of outsourcing with transnational call center companies. You should also examine the types of call centers you could establish.

2. Determine the permits and licenses required to comply with state regulations. The requirement to obtain a business license may vary according to the location where you are located. Visit the site web of your state or contact the appropriate official to obtain this information.

3. Compare the prices of equipment and services such as Internet and telephone.

4. Re-evaluate the similarities and differences between the four basic types of call centers (at home, subcontractor, incoming and outgoing calls) and decide which one fits your company’s needs.

5. Define your business strategy and methods to measure productivity, quality, the satisfaction of customers and employees. Hiring an outside company that provides the services that control these aspects of your business can provide a long-term benefit.

6. Create a business plan. Summarize your business goals, financial needs, logistics and staffing plan.

7. Choose a business mentor.

8. Secure the capital to start your business. If you can not provide funds from your own pocket, banks and government-sponsored agencies are a good resource. Before starting the search for funds, you must create your budget and decide on the appropriate amount to request it. You can also get the capital from sources a little closer to homes, such as friends or family.

9. Select a location. This decision can make the difference between one company and another with better performance. If you are going to do business from home, check with us for information on city codes and whether or not they are allowed for home-based businesses. If you live in an area governed by owners, check with the board to see if this business is allowed in your neighborhood. If you are looking to buy or rent an exclusive property for your business, hire a real estate agent who specializes in commercial properties.

10. Get customers. There are several proven methods to attract customers. In the case of a call center business, networking is a system that can provide this without a problem. Many cities offer free or low-cost networking events sponsored by local Chambers of Commerce.

11. Obtain the required licenses and permits. Many of the procedures can now be done online.

12. Buy and install the equipment. Ensures Internet and telephone services. Observe technology contractors in their task of configuring equipment.

13. Hire and train staff. We should not take lightly this step. Conducting background checks on selected candidates is an advantageous way to assist in the selection of high-quality employees. If you do not want to do this research, consider hiring an employment agency.

14. It starts to work.


How much money can a call center generate? According to statistics, a call center can earn approximately US $ 4,000,000 per year.

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