How to optimize web pages? We give you 10 keys

optimize web pages

According to a Doppler study, 5 billion searches are performed every day on Google.  But the odds of them entering your website have to go with many factors, including SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Content that is written in English and explained in a simple way is nothing but the best practices of how to optimize web pages.

But what is web page optimization?

Search engine positioning is the process to improve the visibility of your website in organic results and is also one of the actions that bring you closer to your customers.

The ranking of your page in Google and Yahoo affects the times you can visit it and the type of conversions that can be achieved in it: number of visits or sales.

According to Doppler there are some keys to optimize web pages, so we pass this list of 10:

optimize web pages

10 keys on how to optimize web pages

In a website, there are two factors that complement each other: ranking and organic traffic. Here are some tips that can work, try them and tell us how it went.

1. Know your users

Try to put yourself in the place of your clients and think about how you would look for that product or services that you need and what words would you use to get to it.

Ideally, you should know the interests, problems and needs of your clients. This is very important in order to provide a good user experience and a greater offer of content.

optimize web pages

2. Analyze your competition

They say that it is better to have your enemy as a friend because when you meet him, you will know what strategy he uses and how you can direct yours. To optimize web pages with the help of SEO, it is advisable to identify the keywords that your competition uses and if it is linked to other pages in order to generate new business strategies.

You can also review what formats of content you use and how often you renew your information. In this way, you can create editorial and commercial calendars.

3. Be friends with the keywords

One of the practices that helps optimize web pages is to find the right term. But beyond identifying the keywords, you will have to make them your allies; integrate them in a friendly way in the structure of your website.

There are free tools that are dedicated to search terms (such as Google Trends, SEMrush or Keyword Planner), we suggest you learn how to use them. Try to include them in URLs, in titles, in Meta descriptions and in various parts of the body of the text. Of course, try not to exceed, so that your content can be read naturally.

optimize web pages

4. Have a good programmer

In truth, it will be of great support when it comes to improving the code of your website or blog. Being an expert in the subject can help in positioning in Google and strengthen the link you have with other pages.

5. That your page be kind

To improve the SEO of your page you will need to offer a good user experience. Doppler gives some specific recommendations:

  • The recommended charging time must be less than 3 seconds
  • It is important that the user find what they are looking for easily
  • Try to get visitors to view the site properly from any device. For this, you will have to make sure you have a responsive design.

6. Make good content

One of the main factors to improve the SEO of your blog is to create innovative and authentic content. If you want to optimize web pages, your content has to be clear, original and provides quality. Make sure the content is something that you would read.

optimize web pages

7. Make your URLs effective

Even if they are done automatically, try to personalize them so they can improve the SEO of your site. Try to avoid special characters and include the keywords within them.

8. Use social networks

Doppler indicates that retweets, fans and shares are perceived as synonymous with trust. The more you generate, the more people will trust what your website says and you will achieve greater diffusion.

9. Be a reference

The more sites from different domains link your page, the better it will be valued. To achieve this you can participate in forums, post comments on other blogs or generate links with other sites.

optimize web pages

10. Look at the metrics

It is now easier to see how users interact on a site. Use this type of tools to know how long they were on your page, what organic traffic was generated, what kind of public you have and what you like to read the most.

Those were the 10 tips that I thought will be very effective to optimize web pages. I hope they will work for you as well. If you have any other suggestions, feel free to mention in the comment section.

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