The steps to designing a commercial building that’s right for your business

Designing a commercial business is a multi-step process that cannot be rushed. With the wrong design team or no clear budget, the building’s success will diminish, and you will find yourself in an expensive situation!

When designing a building you will need a team effort in order to determine the needs for your business. Whether that’s business partners or future employees, it is key to gain multiple perspectives about factors such as the size of the workforce, the equipment needed and then the number of clients you aim to expect. This is important in terms of the space requirements for your building.

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Along with the needs you will need a firm budget. It is vital that a detailed budget plan is set out early in the process in order to avoid overspending. Allocation to specific services or material aspects of the build will help massively with this. This can be done by creating a project timeline, however, it will need to be realistic and regularly updated with any changes. (Also, before getting started, do not forget to obtain all the necessary building documentation to avoid any hold-ups.)

Once your aim is clear, you will be selecting a design team. Picking a cheaper option can not always work in your favour. Building services should be able to guide you through the design process and make informed decisions based on years of experience. The reputability of a company will most likely determine the reliability of mechanical services such as air conditioning that is installed too.

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Next is location, location, location… The area and space that you choose is critical when it comes to large commercial buildings. Make sure to do extensive research into the area in terms of local noise and any previous issues. You will also need to consider factors such as the conditions of the current local market and proximity to public transport for your employees and clients.

If your business has stakeholders, it can be a good idea to get their input to understand what is wanted from employees and clients. Meeting these needs with elements such as the aesthetic of the building or facilities inside it, are key to creating a positive experience for everyone who uses it.

Overall, the takeaway for a successful commercial building is teamwork. If you have a reliable and experienced group of people around you, then your building will become a hub for engagement and productivity that is specific to your employee and client population.

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