Traveling gifts for all

traveling gifts

Christmas is coming and what better way to make traveling gifts to our family or friends? If you like to discover corners, distant countries or stroll through the most famous streets in the world, you will like these gifts that we offer you today so you can remember your trips and dream of other futures whenever you look at them.

Traveling gifts for them

Charms travelers of Pandora

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Many of us like to wear bracelets. Those of this well-known Danish brand have beautiful “charms” or themed beads with a traveling theme. So for example you can find the world ball, the suitcase with stickers and the Eiffel Tower (among many others). A jewel of modest price that will delight stylish travelers.

Japanese cosmetics

In few countries there are as many and as good beauty products as in Japan. And also at a reasonable price. Yes, I know we are not there, but even online we can get some of these Japanese cosmetics products at a good price. Comparing them with similar ones from our latitudes.

The books published by Kalandraka are a jewel, and those that periodically publish illustrated by David Pinter , are dedicated to various cities from which he has been able to transmit his essence and his soul. Santiago de Composite, Venice or Lisbon are some of the cities visited in a walk full of color and sensitivity.

Museum stationery objects

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Do you like the shops of the museums? Me. In them you can find innumerable treasures of stationery, as well as art books that are beautifully edited and that sometimes can not be found anywhere else. Notepads, more or less large notebooks, pencils, rubbers, stickers, etc. They make the delight not only of them but of all. They are ideal details to give on these dates, not very expensive and that tell us that someone has remembered us.

Boots to walk up and down

In travel we usually walk a lot more than usual, so it is a good idea to get good footwear that is comfortable for us to spend all the necessary hours walking, walking or comfortable walk. Anyway, a gift appreciated by the boys (and for us too) can be that of good boots suitable to discover new destinations without leaving our feet in it.

Light sun cream

It seems incredible that it costs men so much (in general) to use beauty products. However, little by little. The textures have been adapted to the masculine tastes leaving less and less fat and providing hydration and protection. In this case I recommend looking for a cream like the brand Biodegrade. Which can be carried in your pocket, protects a lot and does not shine.

A ball of the world

There are all kinds, retro and ultra-modern, jewel type or antique and affordable. The thing is that they put the world at our disposal and make us dream of future trips. Remembering others that have already taken place.  In addition learning geography by locating us on the map.

A power bank or portable battery

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I know it’s a roll to go loaded with more weight in travel and these pots weigh. But make no mistake, we need portable batteries because the phone, camera or tablets are spent. So this is a good gift to never run out of the necessary energy.

Leap Frog Interactive World Map

Are you looking for a world map for kids? Well, you will love it. It is deplorable and incorporates an electronic pencil with which to perform various activities. In this way children are located on their planet and begin to know from very small things as diverse as geography, customs or landscapes. Ideal for curious children.

Limited edition Play Mobil figures

They are not always easy to find but it is worth getting some of the curious figures that the tourism office of Nuremberg has created in collaboration with Playbill (which is based in the German city). Luther and Durer are two characters very linked to the German city that have been reproduced to the smallest detail in these figurines so achieved.

City guides of the My First Lonely Planet collection

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For travelers from 8 years old, readers or simply interested in the destination they will know. A visual and fun way to discover different aspects of cities such as Rome, Paris or London. They are full of color and ideas for activities. In this way the children will be involved in the preparations for the trip and will contribute their ideas when organizing them.

Entrance to a theme park

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Why not give them the ticket to a theme park? I know they are big words, but not only must you think of Disney as a gift (which would be great). Fluoroscope, the Playbill park or Lego land are options in different European countries. In Spain we can find places as interesting as Acropolis, the Warner Park or the one dedicated to dinosaurs in Terkel, Indianapolis. Different places and prices for an unforgettable trip.

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