6 tips to lead a happier and freer lifestyle

happier and freer lifestyle

Life is full of opportunities to find happiness and enjoy hundreds of enriching and unique experiences.

The thing is that many are erroneously seeking to be free and happy with the acquisition of material goods, money or people who may not be willing to share their interests.

Although, it is true that for many aspects of life all this is necessary, it is also shown that with some simple habits you can get more feelings of well-being and joy than with anything else.

One of the main keys to enjoy life to the fullest and find a sense to live it is to do it through the moments that “make you vibrate” and fill with emotion.

To achieve this it is necessary to get out of the routine and look for new sensations through pleasant activities.

happier and freer lifestyle

Knowing that many are looking for some tips to feel better every day, then we will share 6 keys to adopt a more intense and happy lifestyle. Know them!

1. Eat healthy

Most cannot imagine how important it is to have a balanced diet to enjoy a good mood and better energy.

The foods you consume directly influence these aspects and that is why the healthier you eat, the happier and more satisfied you feel.

On the contrary, when you base your diet on foods with a high content of calories and fat, your appetite increases and there is also an increased risk of developing a chronic disease.

You will be surprised how a meal based on fresh vegetables, proteins and healthy fats, in moderate portions, will fill you with more energy.

2. Less television and more time outdoors

The television, as well as other electronic devices, have a direct effect on brain chemistry and the more you use them, the more likely you are to reduce the levels of so-called happiness hormones.

On the other hand, by spending more time in the open air, whether exercising or some activity in the garden, serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine, chemical substances associated with stress reduction and several symptoms of depression are increased.

3. Speak less, listen more

You cannot imagine all the benefits you get when you learn to talk less and listen more. Listening is learning the wisdom of others and is one of the best ways to find inner peace.

When there is an interest in participating in gossip or talking badly about people, you can be filled with so many negative emotions that in the end the only thing you will achieve is unhappiness.

The body is aware of the good and the bad, so when you are positive you feel better and calmer.

4. Assume your responsibilities

Under no circumstances are your mistakes the fault of other people. No matter how much influence there is from others in your mistakes, the decisions are always in your hands and therefore, the consequences will be your responsibility.

Although it seems easier to accuse others when something does not go well, the truth is that it is more constructive and healthy to recognize mistakes and learn from them.

5. Take cold showers

If your body is used to hot water, it is normal for you to have some difficulty in going into cold water.

The point is that this good habit has many benefits for your body and acts as a great natural antidepressant.

After showering with cold water you will feel more relaxed, but also with more energy and enthusiasm for day to day.

It begins by gradually lowering the temperature of the water to accustom the skin to the sensation that the cold generates.

6. Be kinder

There is nothing more uncomfortable than being before a person with a violent, abusive or rude attitude. However, when you perceive kindness there is a desire to correspond to that feeling and establish some kind of relationship.

Of course, it is not about being overly friendly since others could take advantage of it. The important thing is that you keep in mind that the more you are friendly with others, the more brain activity you have and your serotonin levels increase.


Putting these simple tips into practice you can make a difference in your life to feel better every day. The main thing is that you learn to master the positive energies that surround you so that you never lack happiness and do not let go of the good opportunities.

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