How To Cause Flowering Money Tree?

How To Cause Flowering Money Tree?

Money does not grow on a tree, even if it is called money. Usually, we are accustomed to observing on this plant only shiny fleshy leaves, in which they find similarities with a money tree. Botanists call it more prosaically: Crassula, and people from different countries call Tolstyanka, the tree of happiness (luck), the jade tree.

The legend, which gave the name to this amazing plant, says that it attracts monetary success. The bigger and healthier the tree, the better things are going with its owner. And if the lucky tree is untidy, drooping, prepare to tighten the strap.

How To Cause Flowering Money Tree?

When the fat man blossoms, a real golden rain will soon pour on his head. Despite the simplicity of the plant, to achieve its flowering is easy, knowing a few secrets. In order for Crassula to bring you material prosperity, start caring for her in a special way.

What to do to make the money tree bloom

The white, yellow, or pinkish bollard flowers have a sweetish scent. They look like a cluster of small stars, peppered the crown of the plant. It blooms in the cool season, with the onset of winter, which is especially pleasing to the owners.

In the native nature of South Africa, blooming cassoulet can be seen everywhere. Unlike the tropics, a small light day is characteristic of the northern latitudes most of the year. This does not encourage the jade tree to bloom on its own. However, the creation of favorable conditions can “deceive” the plant, forcing him to release the buds.

The first thing you need to know for those who want to swell blooming is that you have to care for her for at least five years. Only at such a “respectable” age does Crassula bloom. If you do not want to wait so long for a momentous event, purchase an already mature tree.

How To Cause Flowering Money Tree?


To a florist who wants to make a money tree bloom, you need to start, first of all, with the right planting. The ideal soil for the bastard – a mixture for succulents, because it belongs to the family of cacti. Do not forget to put the claydite drainage on the bottom of the pot. Crassula propagates best of all through cuttings and shoots, which, if there are roots, rooted easily in the soil.

The root system of the money tree is small, so a wide, shallow pot is best for it. In high pots, the fatty meat is drawn out, often breaks and loses its decorative properties. Planting period affects flowering. If you want the tree to bloom, plant it in early spring.

Crassula is growing rapidly, so every two years it is recommended to replace it in a heavier pot, whose diameter is approximately equal to the girth of the crown. This should be done carefully; earthen room should be saved by adding new soil. The decayed roots must be removed during transplantation. To make the money tree bloom faster, it is desirable to replant it in early March.

How To Cause Flowering Money Tree?

Interesting fact! In order for the money tree to bring maximum profit, it must be grown from a small process itself. It is advisable to quietly cut the stalk from a large plant so that no one will see.

Content in winter

The main secret of flowering Crassula – winter rest at a cool temperature. Move the plant in late autumn or early winter to a colder place at home. Well-insulated loggia, where the sun rarely hits. Long cold nights stimulate flowering. The temperature can vary from 10 to 15 ° C. Make sure that it does not fall even lower, otherwise the money tree just freezes. Too much light in the winter can interfere with the blooming of the fathead. Every night it should be in the dark from 10 to 12 hours, as in its natural habitat.

Care during the warm period

With the increase of daylight, a room money tree needs an abundance of bright, but indirect light, for example, passed through a curtain. Intensely scorching sun can burn the leaves. In the summer, the fat woman needs fresh air. It will feel great on a shaded balcony, terrace or garden. If in the summertime Krassoul contains on the street, it will bloom more likely.

How To Cause Flowering Money Tree?

In the hot season, the money tree is a suitable temperature of 20-25 ° C. If the leaves acquire a reddish edging, then the microclimate suits them. Temperature fluctuations affect the plant negatively, so watch the climatic conditions, transferring it to the room from the street.


Crassula thickened leaves retain moisture for a long time, so excessive moisture is harmful to it. Excess water can cause growth retardation and root rot. Money tree should be watered after the soil dries to a depth of 1 cm.

Spraying and additional humidification of the tree are not required. Do not forget to just wipe his leaves from dust and dirt. Even a small accumulation of dust makes it difficult to fully exchange.

In winter, watering is reduced to a minimum: a couple of times a month will be enough. Some flower growers noted that the bum plant had bloomed after a period of drought. After the appearance of flowers, watering should be increased. Crassula pleases with its color, not every year, so after a flowering period, let her rest.

How To Cause Flowering Money Tree?

Top dressing and pruning

Feed the money tree is required no more than once a month. Best suited special fertilizer for cacti. Vitamins contained in the top dressing, accelerate flowering, make it intense and longer. Fertilizer, like other cacti, in the period from March to September.

Knowledgeable growers note that the formation of the trunk of Crassula directly affects flowering. It is recommended to cut the top if it grows to a height of more than 30 cm. Pruning of the stem contributes to bud formation and strong rooting of the tree.

Inspect the plant carefully at least once a week. Remove old leaves. If the shoots have formed white roots, they will no longer fully grow. They can be separated for breeding.

Pinching shoots make the Crassula crown more beautiful and thick. If you follow the other rules of care, this will help to make it bloom more abundantly. Faded flowers need to be removed, then the money tree will delight in lush flowering throughout the winter. Dense branches of a bastard need to be tied to supports to prevent breakage.

How To Cause Flowering Money Tree?

What does feng shui say

According to the ancient Eastern practice of organizing space, the jade tree should be placed in the wealth zone, which is located in the southeastern segment of the dwelling. To enhance the beneficial effect on the trunk, you need to tie a red ribbon, and on the stems to make jewelry from bills. According to feng shui dust accumulated on the leaves, impedes the circulation of monetary energy.

How To Cause Flowering Money Tree?

Why did not Crassula bloom?

If you take care of the plant properly, it may refuse to bloom because of pest damage. Carefully inspect the stems and leaves. Aphids and spider mites cause the leaves to dry out, brown oval tubercles indicate lesion with a shield. If you find a sticky white fluff, the bastard is struck by a mealy worm. In such cases, in order for the money tree to blossom, it must be cured: treated with compounds to eliminate pests.

Another common disease of crassula is fungi. To get rid of the fungal infection, it must be treated with fungicides, cut off the damaged parts, disinfect or replace the soil and pot.

As soon as your money tree releases the first buds, make a wish. According to belief, the more abundant the tree bloomed, the faster it will be fulfilled.

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