How to enhance my communication skills?


Communication skills are among the most demanded by companies and, therefore, of the most important for workers.

To communicate better you need to work on your skills …

  • With effort and practice you can learn to communicate correctly.
  • Students and workers should strive to acquire these skills to achieve better academic and professional performance.
  • Communication skills are used at all times of life.

Every day we express our opinion and listen to the people around us. These are basic innate communicative skills, present in each individual, of great value for life in society.

However, there is no point in talking if the interlocutor does not receive the message properly, if the ideas are not expressed clearly or if they are heard without paying attention to the other person’s speech. Communication skills, therefore, are not only acquired imperceptibly but also studied and therefore learn.

These types of skills are essential in students, but also in workers. In fact, they can identify themselves within the group of most requested skills when it comes to accessing a job and having a successful professional career.


How are these skills enhanced?

Here are some tips for you to achieve …

Pay attention to non-verbal language

The communication not only consists of words, but also in gestures, postures and movements that accompany the phrases that a speaker says. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to this aspect as well.

When talking with a person, try to listen to what he says but also decode what he does not express with words but with his body language.

Do not forget the eye contact

A good communicator always looks at the person with whom he speaks, and preferably looks into his eyes. It can be somewhat uncomfortable when speaking with a superior or in situations such as job interviews, but it is always recommended.

Whether you are the speaker or the listener, it is important that you look your interlocutor in the eye. This allows the other person to feel more comfortable with the conversation, and to have the feeling that you are really listening. In addition, it is a sign of respect and trust.

The eyes also reveal a lot of information, so maintaining eye contact is also a way to analyze body language.

Do not interrupt

Interrupting the speaker is perhaps the best way to demonstrate that your communication skills are a real disaster. You need to show respect and let the other person express their ideas with total freedom.

Completing the phrases that the other person initiates is not a good attitude either, even when you try to help the interlocutor when you forget a word. You better avoid it.

Learn to listen

When speaking with another person, the mechanism is almost automatic: while listening we also think about what we are going to say next. However, this method does not really allow us to pay attention to what they are trying to tell us.

To improve communication skills you not only have to learn to speak, but fundamentally to listen instead of just listening to the sounds that the other part of the conversation emits.

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