Homework, and How a School Website Can Support Home Learning

One of the bugbears of school for many kids is homework! Having to do some schoolwork at home however is beneficial for children in many ways. Working at home teaches them skills for life, such as time management and meeting deadlines, working independently and helping them to develop interests outside of school.

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Over the years, the way that homework is done has changed a great deal, and having the internet nowadays has really shaped many things, including home learning. During the pandemic, home learning was the safest option and as schools all around the world closed down, the remote classroom became the way that many children learned.

Having this opportunity to explore learning from home has shown areas where schools could utilise the internet more to help children to learn from home – for example, a school website is a great resource when it is used correctly. Having a website that is built by a professional like this primary school websites design company www.fsedesign.co.uk/websites-for-schools/primary-school-websites/ opens up lots of ways that kids can learn and do their homework.

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A website can provide homework help and advice, as well as links that may be helpful for children to use to find out what they need to know. In addition to this, it can also be a great way for parents to engage more with their child’s school, as well as their learning and progress, as the information will be easy for them to access.

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