Knife Crime in London – How do we Tackle it?

In the last few years, the UK, and in particular big cities like London, knife crime has been rising. This is a huge concern for everyone and something that police, parents, schools and youth support groups are all trying to tackle.

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What are the Reasons for This?

There are many reasons for the rise in knife crime – one is that many young people are now saying that carrying a blade makes them feel safe as so many other people carry them – so the more that do, means that even more will then do the same to feel safe.

How do I Keep me and my Family Safe?

There are better ways to stay safe in the city of course. Close protection London companies such as can offer protection for those who worry about crime in the city and want to protect themselves and their loved ones from it.

Another great thing for kids to get into as a healthy alternative to carrying a blade around is martial arts. Martial arts give confidence and self-discipline and help children and young adults have a more positive outlook, as well as teaching valuable self-defence skills. Jujutsu is a great one for this as many of the skills are useful for many situations, including disarming an attacker wielding a knife.

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Ultimately, the change needs to come from the whole of society, from schools, parents, police and the kids themselves, everyone has a part to play in tackling knife crime in London.

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