How to handle pallets safely

In a warehouse environment, pallets are essential for the moving and storing of essential goods. You’ll see pallets everywhere, playing a vital role in the distribution process but these humble items can often be overlooked and that’s when problems can arise. Here are some ways that pallets can cause problems if they are not used properly:

Pallets can be very heavy and if they are not stacked safely, they can become unstable and fall. This can cause serious injury and even be fatal if they fall from height. The continued use of damaged pallets is another way that accidents can occur. If they break whilst stacked then the whole lot can come crashing down.

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Using the wrong type of pallet that is not suitable for heavy loads is another way that accidents can occur. A pallet might not be suited to a heavy load, a type of storage configuration or a certain handling technique and as such could break. Be sure to use Pallet Trucks Ireland safely too. Find out more at Forklift and Pallet Trucks, a supplier of Pallet Trucks Ireland.

The unsafe stacking of pallets not suited to a particular load will result in an unstable load and an unsafe working environment. This can also happen when mixing small pallets with bigger ones, if they don’t fit together safely. Staff training is important in this respect so that they are up to date on safe handling procedures and safe working practices.

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An important rule is the height of the pallets should never exceed the longest dimension of the base of the pallets. The application of stretch or shrink wrapping can help prevent movement of goods once pallets are stacked.

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