Ways to keep the elderly safe at home

As an ageing population more and more people are looking for ways in which they can remain in their homes for as long as possible. With modern day medicine and the support of those who work in care jobs, the elderly are able to stay at home even if they have mobility issues that might see them using Mobility Aids like the ones that are available from www.abilitysuperstore.com/.

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Here are some ways that you can keep the elderly safe at home.

Safety equipment – these are items such as grab rails that help to support an individual when they are walking upstairs or getting themselves in or out of the bath and shower. This can help to reduce the instances of slips and trips.

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Mobility equipment – these equipment pieces help people move around safely and can include items such as walking sticks and frames. The frames give the individual support for their posture and can help them move around safely.

Daily living equipment – as we age our strength can start to decline. This means that it can become difficult to open jars and bottles. There are a number of daily living assistance aids that can help with this. It can make daily tasks such as making tea and coffee much easier. Other aids can include those that support you with putting your shoes on and those that can help with bathing and showering.


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