Best Netflix series for kids: 5 top selection of the popular items

Best Netflix series for kids

The variety and multitude of Netflix series, even for the children’s audience, sometimes makes you doubt the choice. Netflix is ​​currently the largest platform in streaming, both movies and series, on demand. Within its catalog, which is very broad, there are interesting options for all members of the house, including the smallest, as there are the best Netflix series for kids.

The television series is a good way to have a fun and entertaining family time and, if you have Netflix in your home, the advantages are further extended.

Best Netflix series for kids

Netflix offers a series of advantages over current television channels. Some of those advantages are the following. Surely on many occasions, you have heard, or even yourself have said the phrase: “What do you throw this afternoon on television?”, And in this way conform to what is currently being broadcast.

With Netflix, this does not happen, since you have a multitude of different options that you can choose yourself depending on, for example, the age or the tastes of children.

Best Netflix series for kids

Another advantage of this platform is that you can choose when to see them. This way, you will prevent children from going to bed late to finish watching a series, or not wanting to nap because their favorite series begins at that time.

With the possibility of downloading the chapters of the children’s series your children, you will not miss a chapter of your favorite series and you can see them anywhere and on any type of device without the need of an internet connection.

Once you know some of the advantages of this platform, and because of the many options that exist, we offer you a selection of the best Netflix series for children.

We also advise you to consult the recommendations that the platform itself offers you once you have seen several series since, depending on the tastes of the child, it will show you other series with similar characteristics that are sure to be of your liking.

1. Super Monsters

Super monsters

Super Monsters is, at present, one of the best Netflix series for children. A fun story that tells the day to day of the children of the most powerful monsters in the world, which go to the school of monsters.

Episodes recommended for children between three and five years old that show how to manage emotional education in children and, more specifically, the resolution of problems, since in each chapter one of the monsters has a problem that must be solved and be subject to the consequences of what has been done

If your child likes the chapters of this series, do not hesitate to show him also the two films that, due to the success of the series, Netflix has produced.

2. Troll Hunters

Troll hunters

Troll Hunters is an animation series recommended for children over seven years old and produced by Dreamworks. If your child likes adventure series, it will become his favorite when he discovers the plot of the story, which revolves around a teenager who discovers a civilization of trolls.

A funny story due to its dialogues and with some amazing animated images that will delight young and old, and with which you can spend a great time with your family.

3. Ask the Storybots

The Furchester Hotel

One of the best educational series of the platform that, through five little bugs, respond to the most common questions asked by children. An animation series that mixes songs, colors and a very striking design for the youngest ones from three years old.

4. The Furchester Hotel

The Furchester Hotel

Many of the parents who now read this article looking for recommended series to watch on Netflix grew up watching Sesame Street. The Furchester Hotel will help you remember your childhood and show your children the type of series that you had in your childhood stage with Elmo as the protagonist. In this new adventure, Elmo decides to help relatives far away from the hotel they run.

Values ​​such as teamwork, not giving up and knowing how to solve and deal with problems stand out in this Netflix series for children.

5. Planet Earth

Planet Earth

Without a doubt, we leave many Netflix series that are sure to be just as fun and educational for the little ones. But we could not finish without naming a series of Netflix for children totally different from the previous ones.

It is a series produced by the BBC and awarded with 4 Emmy Awards, which shows in high definition the wonderful nature and wild animals of the world in which we live. If your child loves animals and the world of nature, this series will become his favorite.

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