Living in a small house! know how to maximize space in a small house

how to maximize space in a small house

According to United Nations data, currently 55% of the people in the world live in cities and according to a report of the organization prepared in 2018, it is estimated that this proportion will increase to reach 68% by 2050. To meet this demand we must act on how to maximize space in a small house.

The causes of this growth lie in the fact that a large part of the world population will displace its place of residence from rural to urban areas, and this prediction must be added to the prospects for population growth, which although Spain and much of the West is mired in a dangerous demographic winter, other areas in the world also see their population increase in an uncontrolled way in some cases.

This increase that is described is taking place unevenly in geographical terms. But according to Lina Bassarsky, it is responsible for the organization in matters of the population; urbanization will continue and will do so more quickly in those low and middle-income countries.

All over the world, this phenomenon is taking place, to the point that in the electoral campaign, emptied Spain has become a central issue, the search for solutions to prevent rural areas from continuing to depopulate and being abandoned.

How to maximize space in a small house

how to maximize space in a small house

In cities, the main consequence is the lack of space and as a consequence, housing becomes more expensive. For years, a rental bubble has been brewing in Spain, which is visible mainly in large cities and central areas and to which is added the problem of gentrification and tourist flats.

To solve this problem, architects, designers and businessmen are trying to provide increasingly practical solutions on how to maximize space in a small house. A phenomenon imported from other countries is called co-living, a dynamic of habitability that consists of sharing common spaces: gym, workrooms, living room, kitchen and services such as internet access, subscription to streaming content platforms, etc. and occupy private spaces with a bedroom and bathroom.

The co-living is a practice that begins to be habitual in other countries but that in Spain is little by little introducing itself. This experience is just another example of how access to housing is increasingly complicated in our country and when that is possible, in many cases the main problem is the lack of space.

To solve this problem, here are some ideas on how to maximize space in a small house to make the most of your house.

The space in the living room, the kitchen and the dining room

The most effective solution to gain space in a small house is to throw partitions, group rooms, make everything become a homogeneous space. This is possible in areas such as the kitchen, living room and dining room and, on the other hand, also in the bedroom and dressing room or if desired and the house is larger, the room and bathroom.

Once spaces are unified and homogenized, to differentiate them we can choose several measures, from installing furniture that act as separate elements to recreate different environments with the decoration or, more comfortable, use sliding doors. The sliding doors allow to gain privacy in case of wanting to separate environments, or for example to prevent bad smells from coming from the kitchen to the living room.

Take advantage of the windows

Another interesting practice on how to maximize space in a small house is windows. The windows are an important part of the housing, because thanks to them can connect to the outside and allow the entry of light and air, which is essential for the house.

If the windows do not cover the entire wall, in this space you can place furniture that serves to store belongings or serve as a rest: shelves on the windows, use the middle part to locate a small desk or even the lower part to place an armchair made to measure

The windows are relevant because of the light. Natural light provided it is combined with a successful choice of colors in the home, helps to recreate that feeling of greater amplitude. Thus, the white lacquered doors get what we discussed. The white lacquered doors are interesting because aesthetically they are very powerful, they combine with a large quantity of floors and offer the whole of the house a very elegant appearance.

In case the light coming from the windows does not reach all the spaces of the house, one possibility is to incorporate several mirrors properly located so that the light is directed from the most lighted points to those darker.

And in the bedroom and bathroom?

The above ideas for how to maximize space in a small house are also valid for the bathroom and the bedroom. In the specific case of the bedroom, where the bed occupies most of the space, it is necessary to take advantage of the holes that are free below and above it.

As we can see, the main idea is not only to take advantage of space in its horizontal dimension but also vertical. So, a great idea is to place drawers or drawers under the bed, it is a large and hidden place. This same practice can be carried out under the chairs, where there is usually a space without use.

On the bed, instead of a headboard, you can put shelves, and that this serves as storage space. The key is to take advantage of the walls to serve as storage space by installing floating furniture in it, but that does not impede the passage or comfortable access.

In the bathroom, obviously, an essential solution is to opt for a shower tray instead of a bathtub, because it saves space but also water consumption.

Those were the best ideas for them who are living in a small house and want to know how to maximize space in a small house.

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