Is it possible to indeed jobs in advertising?

indeed jobs

Indeed jobs in advertising-I recover today a post from those days where nobody visited this blog and, as that song from Illegals said,  nobody invited us to any party. It seems that indeed jobs in advertising is an impossible task …

 Audacity (doing what perhaps nobody would have dared to do in his place. Dedicate a song to the boss of the agency where I wanted to work). Today I am lucky that Nacho works in our Pop Up agency. But many thousands of young people with great conditions, continue searching …

It is true that the advertising sector is contracting, not expanding and in this situation. It is much harder to indeed jobs than it was in 1995. When I started in Leo Burnett.  But that the pessimism of your colleagues. Or of the media, or of your relatives does not take away the illusion because …

Yes there are opportunities to indeed jobs in advertising

There are some (few) agencies that do need incorporation. Most of them are  small and specialized companies that move away from this model that is in the process of extinction. Consisting of the fact that the agencies play to be general practitioners (trying to get involved in everything without really being specialists). This is one of the main reasons why their clients do not respect them.

Others, like the media centers, are in the middle of a process of re conversion into “creative” agencies (the term scares me. It is only for us to understand each other). And those agencies of the last century whose only activity was to produce and air spots are spitting professionals who mount new projects …

Yes there are opportunities. What happens is that the supply of employment is much smaller than the demand. Therefore it is essential that you stand in front of many thousands of candidates seeking the same position as you. It is a matter of differentiation in a saturated market. There’s no more. Here’s some fuel to motivate you.

10 things you can do today to find a job in advertising

possible to indeed jobs

  • Reconfigure your priorities. You do not need to sign up for a yoga course to achieve karma. But do consider if what you “sold” in the race is really the first thing what you want to achieve Think about what you are happy doing. Because it is more than likely that if you enjoy this task. You will do it brilliantly and you will also be able to make a brilliant living in that indeed jobs. The question is: are you willing to have the necessary patience to learn, do an excellent job for a long time and only then reap the rewards?
  • Start building your own network of contacts. If you just look at Info jobs, nothing will happen. Have you noticed that thousands of candidates sign up for each offer of these job portals? To sign up is a lottery. The most normal thing is that you go unnoticed because nobody has so much time to look at 1,000 CV’s. I recommend the opposite strategy. Think about what you want to work. And look for who can approach you to that position. Any  executive responsible for hiring personnel in any company in the world will normally be a maximum of 3 degrees from you. This means that I’m sure you know someone who in turn knows that key person for you.  Why do not you look for that contact? I do not want to induce you to think that you should limit yourself to the Internet. (networking in the real world is often more productive) But Linked in can help you visualize these connections. Take the test. Look for my profile in Linked In. And you will see how, with all certainty. You have an acquaintance who is in contact with me directly.

possible to indeed jobs in advertising?

  • How to do effective networking? There is no better recommendation than this: to win the favor of others  you must always be willing to give much before receiving. Be generous (call, congratulate, give away, send useful information, offer your own contacts, give thanks …), people notice and will return it sooner or later. Use common sense: do not bother someone who does not know you at all. If you have nothing to say that might interest you. But approach someone if you think you have the perfect excuse to do so. In my career I worked in four multinationals: in two of the cases I got the positions based on maintaining contact with people who had decision-making power over the selection processes.
  • Consider the job search as a full time profession. This probably you have heard before. Get up at 8.00 am Like when you went to college. And he works until 5:00 at least. Divide your day into blocks of tasks. Online job bank, networking (go to events or simply, drink coffee with an acquaintance. A former teacher, a friend who has a job and can advise you). Develop your personal brand (your CV , your cards, your image and online profiles, your own content …). And why not  prepare proposals tailored for those companies in which you have detected (positively) that you have possibilities. Think Wasabi is a great blog to learn how to organize your day to day.

the indeed jobs

  • To find your site, segment. What are you really good at? What would you be willing to work for without being paid for it? (I’m not telling you to admit to work without charge, personally I think that’s unacceptable) but you do think that you enjoy it more. And renounce everything else. Putting on your CV that you can offer services of creativity, commercial, production, public relations, is the perfect strategy for that CV to end up in the trash (I have received hundreds of CV’s of these …). Forget that the talent is only genetic.  You also have talent: the last thing that has been researched on the subject shows that talent depends to a large extent on habit, practice and experience in that particular field. Ed if you draw a lot you are likely to end up drawing well.
  • Develop your own personal image: how do you want to sell yourself if you have no arguments to do so? Analyze your strengths and weaknesses, along with the opportunities and threats posed by the labor market. Write your own SWOT and consider your differential positioning: what can you offer that is different from what other candidates offer and that is relevant to the companies for which you apply? Only then, put it in black on white, with a CV, profiles on social networks, why not a blog? and (mandatory), some business cards. About personal branding, the best you can read is the blog or books by Andres Ortega.
  • Present companies with “tailored proposals” instead of massive and speculative shipments. All the armies of the world (all) have limited means (troops, ammunition and supplies that end up being finished). What distinguishes a good general from a bad general is to make the best possible administration of those resources. In Christian and transferred to the workplace: do not waste cartridges, attack only where they may need you. Develop “tailored proposals”,what we said in point 4. The speculative CVs that begin with “very sr mine” are absolutely useless. A personal delivery, with a letter, a song like Nacho, a book, or any other “pack” that differentiates you without being excessively contrived or stealing your recipient’s time, is much better. Inspiration about how and where to attack in  Tsun Tzu, a Chinese book of military strategy that you have surely heard about, written more than 2,500 years ago .
  • Take care of your image. To indeed jobs in advertising, no one will ask you to wear ties of Hermes, shirts with your initials on your chest or put on your hair, but an aspect according to the position you want to cover. It is what it is. If you have tattoos all over your neck, that will be a plus to work in a fashion store, perhaps in audiovisual production, in music …, but probably not in a Branding consultancy. If you go dressed as a seminarian, maybe you hit the spot on some advertiser but you will not cause much fuss in a design studio.  You can still be who you are and make this compatible with the environment in which you work: your character will enrich your working environment  without the need for you to go in flip-flops.

possible to indeed jobs

  • Look for pseudo-jobs until you have a job. Until you find that paid job that you want, you can do a lot of tasks that will help you. You can collaborate with NGOs as a volunteer, write a blog so that your know-how is visible in the cloud to a lot of potential contractors, you can offer your services as a freelancer from that same blog, you can edit a book yourself (in Bubok, for example) that tells your story, the work you have done to date and why it is important (imagine that this is your CV …).  All these things will allow you to be active, more alert to possible opportunities, more motivated to relate (networking) and more emphatic in the face of possible interviews , in addition to all of them can swell your CV.
  • Document ate when you want to get or go to an interview. If you already have an interview, which is a very positive sign. As much as we have evolved as a species, there is still no better trick to coax another human being than to speak positively of what he has done / achieved. Talk to your interviewer about what you have read and what impressed you about your company and if you see a bag of golf clubs near your table, ask him about his hobby, even if he repays you. He will love to tell you.

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