10+ creative advertising tips for memorable and effective advertisement

creative advertising tips

Every day we are exposed to a huge amount of advertising, in the most varied forms: online, by press, on TV. Statistically it seems we are exposed to an average of 360 advertisements per day, but of these only 3% creative advertising tips can really attract our attention. As you can see, it’s a rather poor percentage.

So one wonders: How can creative advertising tips for advertisement emerge from the chaos and reach its target, making it memorable? The first step is certainly the creation of an unassailable and centered concept. Secondly, we need to think about a design that enhances the concept and gives it an edge, supporting it in a creative and innovative way.

Below I propose a list of creative advertising tips that I advise you to keep in mind when designing an advertising campaign!

1. Use the layout creatively

creative advertising tips

Some time ago I showed you a collection of advertisements that took advantage of the creative advertising tips and layout to draw attention to the announcement by the press. In this example of Adidas, the user becomes an active part of the ad, because it is with his intervention that the message comes to fruition.

2. Allow your target to identify

creative advertising tips

Certain messages may relate to a niche of people but potentially affect a wider audience. How to make sure that even the latter, if not strictly involved, still feels involved? This advertising of the World Alzheimer’s Day shows us a winning example: thanks to the help of a concise and repeated copy and without any visual, it manages to empathize the reader, teasing his empathy.

3. Exploit the power of visual metaphors

creative advertising tips

Metaphors are a powerful tool in advertising, and not just textual ones. Even in visual we can give free rein to our imagination, as in this advertisement to support the benefits of using the bike on health: bike and body become one in a flat and minimal visual illustrated.

4. Create a tailor-made language for the brand

creative advertising tips

The purists of the language will not agree but cannot deny that the creation of custom-made neologisms of the brand is a great way to accentuate its memorability. Nutella makes school coining “nutellabile”, the adjective that identifies all those foods predisposed to receive a good dose of hazelnut cream. An excellent expedient that lends itself to great even in its social forms, with lots of dedicated hashtags and user involvement.

5. Reinterpret a famous image

creative advertising tips

Certain images are now impressed in our memory in an indelible way. Can creative advertising tips for an advertisement “ride” this memorability to make it its own? Faber-Castell tells us so, with the campaign created for the launch of the new range of “Artist’s Pencils”: recreating famous paintings with the use of thousands of colored pencils, shows the vastness of the range while at the same time eye to a masterpiece of modern art history.

6. Tease the taste with the sight

creative advertising tips

Our five senses are interconnected with each other, so it’s no wonder that sight and smell can direct taste. And unless you appeal to olfactory marketing, you just have to find a way to suggest a sensory experience belonging to the sphere of taste evoking it with sight. Just as Heinz did in this advertising campaign in which food without the aforementioned sauce is represented just as if it were (and knew) of cardboard!

7. Use irony

creative advertising tips

One of the most used rhetorical figures in advertising as well as the most effective. The irony, if well used, manages to make a message memorable, just as the campaign of this detergent demonstrates that, promising to make softer even softer, proposes a textile caricature of a mister muscle par excellence.

8. Turn a recognizable icon

creative advertising tips

An icon is such when we universally share its meaning. So if we want to associate the meaning of it with one of our products, visually transforming it can be a good way. An example? This advertising campaign that sponsors an entrepreneurial course summarizing visually the concept of “geo-localized business”.

9. Use lettering creatively

creative advertising tips

Your passion for typographic characters can have its revenge if used creatively to make a memorable and effective advertising campaign. Nescafé shows us how its initial can become the fulcrum around which to develop a short, incisive story.

10. Attract attention with optical illusions

creative advertising tips

Remember the 40+ examples of using negative space in advertising? Well, I’m just an example of the optical illusions that can be used within a visual advertising. This awareness campaign against penguin extinction shows how negative space can become an excellent vehicle for information to support your message.

11. Break a model

creative advertising tips

Our eye quickly becomes accustomed to a repeated image, foreseeing its continuation with the same method. However, if we break the model and interrupt the repetition, we will only catch the attention of our target and concentrate it on the breaking point. Which, in the case of this Volkswagen campaign, is the focus of the message.

12. Play with words

creative advertising tips

This campaign perfectly summarizes the concept: we can play with the meaning of words effectively, supporting the game with an equally effective visual. Then if we find the way to insert our product, the result is top!

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