How does an advertising agency work in practice?

advertising agency

Due to lack of time or knowledge in digital marketing, many entrepreneurs are looking for advertising agency to help them publicize their business.

This is a good way out since the professionals of these agencies know the market well, which allows them to propose more effective marketing strategies.

But as you must have already seen, there are many options in the advertising market. This makes the choice of an agency to represent your business to the public more difficult.

To make the right decision, you have to know well the sectors and professionals that make up an agency.

Do you want to learn more about this topic?

In this article, you will know how an advertising agency is composed, as well as understand step by step how it works.

What is the advertising agency?

The advertising agency is the company responsible for the planning, creation, execution and dissemination of marketing campaigns of other companies.

Its main objective is to communicate with a certain group of people to disclose a brand, product or service. That is, she creates strategies to promote a business in view of your target audience in a creative, differentiated and assertive way.

How does it do it?

From the strategies suggested by professionals who are referents in each of the areas that comprise the creation of a campaign.

Sectors may vary depending on the size of the agency. Many incorporate their areas and distribute the functions in a way that is more profitable thinking about the skills of each of the professionals who work there.

advertising agency

In spite of this, most of the advertising agencies work with the departments that we will mention below …

1. Advertising service

Advertising attention is the segment responsible for direct contact with the entrepreneur.

From this contact, the advertising attention prepares the briefing of the campaigns and, based on it, the creation work of the dissemination actions takes place.

In addition, customer service is also responsible for attracting new customers for the agency and maintaining a good relationship with real and potential customers.

To act in this sector it is necessary that the professional has some very specific socialization skills, such as …

  • Be proactive;
  • Write clearly to describe exactly what should be done;
  • Be nice to talk with clients and other professionals of the agency;
  • Be easy to communicate;
  • Be patient to closely monitor the production processes of all work and, mainly, to deal with the client.

The tranquility to deal with other people and face unforeseen situations is fundamental for the professional of advertising attention.

By making the first contact with the client who often does not know how to explain what he wants and how he expects the work to be done, the attention needs to be prepared to detect and propose actions that are interesting for each client, always thinking, Of course, in the services that the agency can offer.

2. Planning

Planning is the area of the advertising agency that concentrates all the information passed through the service area to organize and prepare the actions that will be carried out by the other sectors.

One of the first and main functions of the planning area is to hold a meeting, better known as brainstorm or brainstorming, to discuss the content of the briefing.

The second step is to do an investigation, with the purpose of analyzing what is being produced in the area of each of the clients served by the agency to understand what kind of strategy will be really more satisfactory at that time.

Without this information, it is impossible to suggest and produce communication actions that add value to the entrepreneur’s brand.

The professionals who are dedicated to the planning sector also collect information concerning the consumer and the digital market in its entirety.

Therefore, investigations must be clear and precise, containing numbers that justify the decisions made by the agency.

It is very important to have as much data as possible about the audience that you want to reach to produce a material that has an instantaneous impact on the consumer.

The planning professional must …

  • Be organized: Have an agenda that allows other departments to understand what is the time to produce each planned content;
  • Always stay informed: Know the market well and, mainly, communication strategies;
  • Produce budgets: The planning professional is also responsible for drawing the budget for each campaign.

3. Creation

The creation team is the one that enables ideas to come out of paper and be produced. That is to say, it is the professionals who effectively create the contents of each campaign.

Can produce …

  • Blog posts;
  • Videos on YouTube;
  • Graphic pieces for paid campaigns;
  • Slogans;
  • Marketing email;
  • Packages

The main thing of the professional who works with the creation is to be versatile in their approaches and develop each piece having as focus the audience for which each campaign is going to be directed.

It is very likely that, if you visit an agency, you will meet people who work as a couple in the creation sector.

They are formed by an editor and a designer and it is important that both get along and stimulate each other’s creativity. In the end, they will work together on the advertising pieces that must be created.

In this area, the more creative the professional, the better.

advertising agency

But remember that quality is not synonymous with quantity. Therefore, it may be that the agency that creates the most advertising pieces is not the best one.

The creation of an advertising piece is a great responsibility. Due to this, the professional needs an organization to be able to communicate the message with his creations in a clear, intelligent, creative and striking way.

It is also necessary that these actions awaken the interest of the public, leaving them with the desire to want more.

In addition, each piece should be designed with the aim of helping to consolidate your brand in the market, and the best way to do that is by adding value to your audience.

The professional dedicated to creation cannot stop taking risks, in addition to permanently seeking innovation.

Almost always this sector is composed of …

  • Creation director: Approves and supervises the creations, guiding the teams and giving pace to the creative work;
  • Editor: Is responsible for the production of content, for example, titles, blog texts, slogans, scripts for video;
  • Copywriter: Write all the texts for paid campaigns and email marketing;
  • Art Director: Creates the visual concept of the campaign as well as approving and supervising the other designers;
  • Designer: develops graphic projects, designs and visual identities.
  • Audiovisual producer: Record and edit video projects. This is an area that can be outsourced to an advertising agency that hires a video production company. But for this to work well, there needs to be a good relationship between the creation sector and the video production. In any case, it is the agency that must approve the material before sending it to the client.

4. Media

The media is a key sector for those customers who have no idea how to disclose their products.

They are the professionals that define which are the best channels to advertise. There are several options, such as, television channels, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram, and much more.

In order for your brand to be relevant in the market, it is necessary that you have a good media plan, which will allow the entrepreneur to save money in terms of communication channels.

Therefore, knowing how to negotiate with communication vehicles and choosing the best strategies is essential for the success of the campaign.

The media professional must be well connected, organized and have a good list of contacts, in addition to knowing how to communicate to talk assertively with the rest of the team that is creating each advertisement.

5. Administrative sector

In most advertising agencies there is an area of personal and administrative department that is in charge of everything related to human resources.

This is a sector that does not necessarily concern the client, but the professionals in this area are in charge of all the legal procedures of the company.

In addition, this sector helps other employees to solve different administrative aspects, thereby avoiding future administrative or judicial problems.

The professional in this area must …

  • To be organized;
  • Meet the employees of the agency;
  • Be patient to handle problems;
  • Be reliable
  • Have full knowledge of labor laws and those that involve contracts with clients.

Is it worth hiring an advertising agency?

And then, have you understood better how an advertising agency works?

The main objective of an agency is to convey the message of your client to the public you want to reach, enabling the entrepreneur to focus on other interests and areas of your company without losing the success of their sales.

However, remember that you do not need to hire an agency to advertise your business.

Many entrepreneurs know well or learn marketing strategies to stand out in the digital market.

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