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There are more cameras around us than ever in history, and we can capture some amazing things. Previously, you could only trust someone’s word about these things. Now we can capture and share them with the entire world. YouTube is full with videos of near misses and accidents, as well as UFOs, ghostly appearances, funny freak events, and other strange things.

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These videos are so entertaining that you could spend the whole day watching them. I am sure we have all spent more time than necessary watching what others have captured on camera. We can see a great deal from CCTV, dash Cams, body worn cameras, helmet cams and mobile phone footage. When you need information about CCTV Worcester, visit APM, suppliers of CCTV Worcester systems.

A skydiver’s helmet cam managed to capture a moment when a routine skydive had gone horribly wrong. The plane that was carrying the skydivers collided into another small aircraft which carried another group of skydivers. The accident was captured by several cameras, which gave different perspectives. It was fortunate that no one was hurt, but it was close.

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Dash cameras in Russia captured amazing footage of a Russian meteor. Dash cams are a common sight in Russia because of the problem with insurance fraud. Luckily for us, these dash cameras also caught this amazing moment when a giant flameball entered the frozen Siberian atmosphere before exploding in the sky. It was a huge impact, smashing many windows and injuring dozens.

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