How to Track Cell Phone Location From Computer for Free

how to track cell phone location from computer for free

Very often it happens to lose your mobile phone, which until recently could not be resolved in any way. Nowadays, however, technology allows you to locate your smartphone via a simple computer, thus saving you a lot of money that you would otherwise have to spend on the purchase of a new device.

Of course, by learning to use the various applications that allow you to do it yourself, you will not need to contact your friend or a specialized technician, therefore you can save your money. At this point, you just have to continue reading the simple and detailed instructions carefully reported in the next steps of this guide, to usefully learn how to track cell phone location from computer for free.

How to track cell phone location from computer for free?

Use the Lookout application

One of the most valid applications is undoubted “Lookout”. In order to use the service, simply connect to the Google Play Store and download the app, checking if it is compatible with your smartphone. Of course, there are many other apps for the iPhone too. Once downloaded, you will have to run the application on your mobile and follow the illustrative guide step by step.

This is necessary to make understanding the downloaded program easier. You will need to create a free account in order to take advantage of the location system by filling out the form. The latter is not difficult to fill in, just put your e-mail and password and finally click on “Start Protecting”. Now you have to confirm your registration, by clicking precisely on the link received in your e-mail address.

You will therefore now have the opportunity to use your Lookout. After carefully performing the previous steps, you will only have to connect to the official Lookout site and log in, simply putting the data you will have used in the registration phase. After successfully installing the app and registering on the site, with all your credentials, you will be ready to locate your mobile phone. Simply access the site via computer and request the location of your mobile phone. If the mobile phone is empty, the app will still keep the last position. It also has additional functions, for a fee.

Use the Find My Device service

Another possibility to find your Android device is given directly by Google. There is in fact a special Google service that allows, through the use of Maps, to locate your smartphone. To try it, you need to access the “Find My Device” function from a PC browser. Once this is done, you will have to enter the login details: these are the email address and password that you used to create the account when you configured your phone for the first time.

Among the other functions provided by this service, you have the possibility to make your smartphone ring for 5 minutes at the maximum volume. It is also possible to log out of your phone and delete all the data inside it.

Remember that it may be untraceable

So you have seen some of the methods to locate your mobile phone from your PC. It is however important, before finishing, to remind you that although these programs work very well, sometimes it is possible that they cannot help you find your smartphone. In fact, the absence of a telephone signal at the point where the mobile phone is located, the deactivation of the connection and the GPS, are all factors that negatively influence the possibility of localization.

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