iPhone Apps Stuck on Waiting: How to Solve It

iphone apps stuck on waiting

On modern iPhones, there are many apps, which allow you to do practically everything: play, work, download music, edit photos, turn your phone into a navigator and much more. These apps are really useful and are constantly updated by the developers. If you have activated the function? Automatic updates? your iPhone will automatically install the latest version, without you having to do anything. However, due to poor connection quality or temporary problems on the App Store, it may happen that during the download phase of an application it remains in constant waiting, without completing the download. If such a situation occurs, however, there is no need to be alarmed. Fortunately, there is a way to remove applications that are waiting on the iPhone. Let’s go to see, in detail, how to fix iPhone apps stuck on waiting.

Fix: iPhone apps stuck on waiting

Several signals will indicate that the application is blocked and in constant waiting phase: first of all, you will notice how the download percentage of the app does not progress despite the fact that some time has passed since the start of the download. Or, again, it may happen that you are unable to complete the download of the application in any way.

iphone apps stuck on waiting

The application icon becomes transparent and removal from the iPhone will not be allowed. Not even by quickly pressing the? Home? there is the presence of the classic? X? in the upper right corner of the icon that allows it to be deleted. The first solution is to restart the iPhone, holding down the? Home? Button at the same time. and the power button for at least 10 seconds, until the system restarts. The next time you turn it on, you can try to remove the application manually, as you normally would. Usually, this first procedure is sufficient to solve the problem.

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Disconnect the Apple ID

If the problem persists and the application is still in download or it is not possible to eliminate it, you will have to look for an alternative way: go to the? Settings? Menu, by clicking on the gear icon and from here look for the item? iTunes Store and App Store ?. Select it and then click on? Apple ID ?. The system will offer you several options: click on the item? Exit?

After disconnecting your Apple account, wait a few seconds and then proceed with a new login. (with the opposite procedure to that just described, of course). At this go back to the point where the blocked application is present. In all likelihood, the download will be restarted or the app will again have the classic and non-transparent color. In this case, at least delete it and proceed with a new installation.

Install the app from iTunes

There are still two ways to be able to delete a blocked application. The first, simpler, request access to the smartphone via iTunes. In general, simply connect the iPhone to your computer, using the supplied USB cable, to start it. But if this does not happen and the program is still present on the computer, search and start it manually. Otherwise, download it from this address https://www.apple.com/itunes/. IS? It is important to check that the latest version of the program is installed on the PC in order to correctly perform the synchronization procedure. Once the download is complete, install it through the wizard. Wait for iTunes to detect your iPhone and its icon to appear on the menu. At this point, download and install the problematic application directly from iTunes. In the end, to complete the installation you will have to synchronize the computer with the iPhone.

Make sure you have a working data connection.

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