Do silicone hoses really make a difference?

When it comes to upgrading the hoses in your car, silicone options are all the rage. But do they really boast superior qualities in comparison to rubber? Let’s take a closer look.

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What is a silicone hose?

Traditional rubber hoses are made from natural rubber, often reinforced with additional fibres, whilst silicone options are made from an entirely synthetic silicone compound. They were invented specifically for the automotive industry, which is why their use in cars is becoming so widespread.

The advantages of a silicone hose


A silicone hose is far more flexible than a traditional rubber hose. The flexibility also lasts longer than in a rubber hose, reducing the risk of a hose splitting, hardening or suffering from rot.

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Some say that a silicone hose can last a lifetime, and can almost certainly outlive the engine of your vehicle. That means the slightly higher price is well worth the investment. The reason they have such good longevity is that silicone does not degrade due to external pressures and materials such as air, oil, cold or water.


A silicone hose can not only withstand the hotter and colder temperatures of British weather, but it can withstand the hot temperatures of the fluid that passes through it. Hoses used in racing cars or cars with a turbo charger need to be able to withstand very hot temperatures. Silicone hoses such as those found at can be used for wide number of manufacturing uses where temperatures range significantly, as well as in racing cars.

Noise & vibration

A silicone hose will certainly mean less noise and vibration running through your vehicle, whereas rubber often creates noise due to the friction of the surface and the rubber.


For some, it’s simply the fact that silicone looks better, even under the bonnet. For those that like their car to look good, this is often touted as the top benefit. Silicone options are available in a wide range of colours, such as bright red or blue, as well as a smart black for those who prefer a modest, but slick look.

As you can see, silicone offers a wealth of advantages over the traditional choice of natural rubber. Next time you need to make a hose purchase for your car, consider silicone.

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