Six winter driving tips

Out comes the de-icer

Winter is a time of year when commuters face having to drive in treacherous conditions. When summer is over and autumn ripens, out come the de-icer and the shovel in preparation for adverse weather.

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The most hazardous aspect is probably black ice. It’s completely invisible and can prove deadly. The best advice in relation to black ice is to drive slowly and remain a safe distance from the car.

Learn how to recover from a skid. If it is the rear wheels sliding on the ice, then motorists should steer into the skid. However, if the front wheels are to blame, the advice is to lessen the steering or push the brake gently to guide the car in a straight line.

Preparing your car is key to avoiding any unpleasant surprises. With the latest in technology, including heated seats and front windows, you can turn the temperature up in minutes. Most importantly, don’t pour a kettle full of boiling water on the windscreen as this can cause cracks.

When the weather becomes extreme, experts advise not venturing out at all. But if your car remains parked in the driveway without being used, it can cause problems. It’s important to turn on the engine every other day, and if possible, take it out on a short journey to ensure the battery remains charged.

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Make sure the tread is correct

Tyres are an important aspect and it’s essential that the tread is correct. It’s recommended that they have a minimum tread depth of 3mm. The legal minimum is 1.6mm. A measuring tool can be used to check the reading, or a common way is to insert a 20p coin in the tread, and if the outer rim is visible, then the tyre is unsuitable.

If your car has taken a bash, and you require a temporary vehicle, there are plenty of firms such as Car leasing Leicester will provide you with a car or van until your own is repaired and ready for the road again.

For further reading on winter driving and precautions to take in snowy weather, take a look at the advice given by The AA –

Finally, clean your car frequently in winter and use a cloth to dry it. That way excess moisture won’t freeze.


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