How To Whiten White Sneakers At Home From Yellowness?

How To Whiten White Sneakers At Home From Yellowness?

White sneakers – an absolute classic and trend of modern fashion, combined with almost all things wardrobe. But even after one or two days of wearing, you can see spots on them – and this despite all attempts not to soil new shoes. How to quickly whiten sneakers and sneakers at home? In our article, we will talk about simple ways to clean the soles and the top.

How To Whiten White Sneakers At Home From Yellowness?

Care begins with prevention.

To keep the sneakers clean for a long time and to enjoy their original appearance, get a special spray with a dirt-repellent effect that can be found in shoe stores. Simply spray the product evenly and let it dry overnight. If you do not have time to buy this wonder-impregnation for shoes, use our simple tips.

Method of how to whiten white sneakers?

Method 1: Baking Soda and Dishwashing Detergent

Its main ingredient is ordinary soda, which is present in every home. To get rid of the yellow sneakers, you will need:

  • baking soda – 2 tablespoons;
  • dishwashing liquid – 2 teaspoons;
  • Toothbrush;
  • warm water;
  • clean cloth.

How To Whiten White Sneakers At Home From Yellowness?

So, pour some warm water into a bowl, mix and shake the liquid in it until the water starts to foam and bubble. Instead of dishwashing detergent, you can use regular white soap. Remove the yellowed laces from the sneakers, dip into the soap solution and soak for 10 minutes. Then wash the laces with your hands or rub with a brush, and then rinse with clean water and hang to air dry.

How To Whiten White Sneakers At Home From Yellowness?

Brush dust or debris from the shoe with a brush or dry cloth. Next, make a new composition to remove dirt from sneakers. Add lukewarm water to a bowl with two tablespoons of baking soda: so that the paste is made. Dip a toothbrush in the solution and wipe the dirty bloom in a circular motion. Walk across the surface of the sneakers. Soda paste dries very quickly and begins to crumble. Soak a cloth in the water, remove the remaining soda. Put the shoes for 2-3 hours in a warm, ventilated place for complete drying. It is better not to leave sneakers in direct sunlight!

Method 2: Toothpaste

Toothpaste can perfectly clean leather white sneakers. The method does not require much effort. Prepare:

  1. white toothpaste (not gel);
  2. a toothbrush;
  3. cloth napkin;
  4. water

How To Whiten White Sneakers At Home From Yellowness?

Squeeze out not color, but white toothpaste on the old toothbrush and carefully rub it on a dirty pair of shoes, especially where yellowness is visible and the seams have darkened. You can add a bit of sugar in the composition to create a greater peeling effect. Leave the mixture for 10 minutes. Then wipe the sneakers with a wet cloth and put them to dry in the open air. They will become white again!

Method 3: Eraser

Sometimes it is easy to notice black stripes on the sole and other rubber parts. You can get rid of them with the help of an ordinary office eraser. He is like a good scrub clean the rubber from stains. Just rub the darkened areas to see the result.

Method 4: Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide

If the upper part on white sneakers or gym shoes is textile, try bleaching it with the following composition: mix baking soda with a mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide, taken in equal parts. Apply the resulting paste with hydrogen peroxide on the fabric and leave it for 4 hours until it dries. Then shake off debris using a paper towel. You will notice that your shoes have become much whiter.

How To Whiten White Sneakers At Home From Yellowness?

Method 5: Bleach

Many people are categorically against bleach, but if used with caution, you can achieve a good result. Dilute a small amount of bleach and apply on the stain, which gradually brightens and disappears.

Method 6: Table Vinegar

If after lunch in a cafe you suddenly find traces of red sauce on white sneakers, do not panic. Soak a clean cloth in vinegar and just watch the stain discolor.

How To Whiten White Sneakers At Home From Yellowness?

Note also:

  • the drying process will accelerate if you put paper towels in your shoes and change them every 2 hours;
  • scratches and cracks on the sole and the skin can be carefully masked with white nail polish;
  • Take care of your white sneakers at least once a week or as they get dirty.

How To Whiten White Sneakers At Home From Yellowness?

We hope that our advice will help you maintain the purity and whiteness of your sneakers!

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