6 Reasons to Study Accounting

study Accounting

If you are looking for a professional career for your future but you still can not decide, we share some of the reasons why you should study accounting . Accounting is one of the oldest careers globally, but it is still one of the favorites of young people who like mathematics and administration and have great skills in resource management.

Accounting is one of the most popular careers among Mexican students. According to data from the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness, it is the second most studied race in the country, chosen by young people as a fundamental part of the economy and business .

Due to its relevance, it is a profession that holds the most diverse opportunities for development, not only locally, but also internationally.

Young people who possess skills in mathematics and administration and consider themselves capable of handling different numerical data and resources, solving problems and working as a team can be great candidates to study accounting .

In our country the vast majority of universities dictate careers in the area , but one of the most recommended centers to study according to the QS ranking of universities is the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education.

All companies and organizations need a professional with solid knowledge who is able to organize finances and resources

Accounting studies offer great professional opportunities to their students, in many different areas.

Any company needs an accountant to advise and keep accounts up to date, so that accounting studies provide great perspectives of employ ability.

6 reasons why studying accounting

best study Accounting

  • Autonomy and decision-making power: one of the greatest advantages of being an accountant is that you can choose if you want to work in a company or on your own, independently. In any of the cases, the profession offers great autonomy in the organization of your tasks and time management.
  • Variety of development opportunities: graduates of this career can work in different companies and organizations such as public sector agencies, state agencies, private sector companies, academic institutions and even as independent consultants.
  • Good salaries: people who choose to study accounting, will be able to enjoy good salaries and a good quality of life in the future. In general, because it is a highly valued profession at the business level, the salaries paid in the area are higher than the average.
  • High labor demand: all companies and organizations need a professional with solid knowledge that is able to organize finances and resources, so the professional demand for accountants is always high and professionals in the sector are less likely to suffer unemployment.
  • Leadership at the business level: this profession has a managerial profile, allowing industry professionals to perform at the highest levels of any organization and become excellent team leaders through the execution and organization of different tasks.
  • Collaborate with the economic development: either working in a company or in a public organization, the profession of accountant will allow you to collaborate with the economic development of the region, contributing through your knowledge to improve the management and administration of goods.

Why study accounting is important for the human being?

the study Accounting

The usefulness of Accounting is to obtain useful information to be able to be applied in a later Economic Decision, as well as being able to obtain a control of the Previous Management, generally with the application of an Accounting Audit, or to be able to plan in the best possible way the funds that we have for the next year to be able to make investments and be able to estimate a Future Balance. In this sense, every company or institution must ensure resources to a team of accountants who are responsible for this task and who can work even in conjunction with the management recommending actions to follow or warning of possible complications before decisions that may be risky.

The correct selection of accounting teams as reinsurance of the success and control of state agencies

reasons to study Accounting

The accounting team or those who occupy that role in an institution, a company or even a family group should be chosen appropriately because the success of their task will depend on this. They must be people who have experience and knowledge to manage the group’s accounts on which they will work, but honesty and consistency should also be important in their performance.

Accountants have as their main activity the accumulation of data, which we assign ourselves or request as customers, allowing us to perform an Information Processing that subsequently allows us to provide different tools to have an accurate control of our finances and how they have been used during the Accounting Year.

It is a common practice to carry out the Accounting Registers, being in many countries a legal requirement, carried out with a defined and regulated confection, having a Structure and System that allows to arrive, through its analysis in quantity and quality, the Accounting Realization and Disclosure , being a tool that allows us to not only control our money, but also to make a prediction of what will happen in the next accounting year (also called Exercise) and plan the different Investments and Budgets that allow us to grow monetarily.

When these issues are not met or are not respected correctly, it is common for state or government services to prosecute the debtor until they clarify their accounting numbers or otherwise can be accused of various illicit actions such as fraud, embezzlement, money laundering. money, etc. These problems are increasingly common in important associations, large companies and even celebrities who are discovered illicit accounts.

It is considered that this type of crime related to illegal accounting actions is located in the top 5 of international crimes that generate more money and that extract more money from people who correctly pay their taxes like any ordinary citizen.

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