15 better and effective exercise for obliques

exercise for obliques

An essential segment of the trunk of our body, both for aesthetics and for the stability and correct functionality of our posture and our locomotion, are the oblique muscles. Today we bring isolation exercise for obliques to have more variety when selecting our practices and do our workouts.

If we speak from aesthetics, many people are those who try to give the corresponding shape to this side of the trunk, and it is quite tricky and rebellious to mark the obliques because it requires a relatively low percentage of fat. You can perform hatha yoga at home.

There are situations in which our genetics does not determine the shape of the obliques. It is necessary to do a little more isolation in this area to hypertrophy and later with a low percentage of fat, mark the obliques.

15 exercise for obliques

As we can see in the image, there is the internal oblique (above the transverse). Later, we have the external oblique (above the external obliques).

The main functions of the oblique muscles are:

  • Flexion of the dorsal and lumbar spine
  • Rotating trunk
  • The lateral tilt of the spine
  • Expiration

1. Spiderman Pushups

Spiderman Pushups

In addition to working our obliques, we also add push-ups to enhance our pecs and triceps.

2. Side Plank Elbow to Knee

Side Plank Elbow to Knee

The most challenging thing in this exercise would be the balance, so you have to be very careful not to make very fast or sudden movements to keep your balance if it is difficult to maintain the position. You must have dominated the sideboard to perform this exercise.

3. Single Leg Tall Plank

Single Leg Tall Plank

You can perform “x” repetitions with one leg and then the other or go interspersing the legs with the knee to the chest. It is quite essential to keep the hips aligned with the shoulders, which are neither so low nor so high.

4. Plank to Kick Through

Excellent for, besides working the oblique muscles, to reinforce coordination and balance.

5. The little fish

In addition to having an essential activation of the obliques, the lumbar quadrant works very effectively.

6. Windshield Wiper

The video shows two variants: the first easier with knees bent if you do not have the flexibility for the next option that is more difficult because it requires the extension of the knees at the time of the exercise.

7. Floor Wiper

Unlike the previous one, we do not make semi-circles with the legs but bring the feet together from one side to the other simulating the movement of a windshield wiper.

8. Side Plank Hip Lifts

A variant of the traditional lateral plate.

9. Cross Body Mountain Climbers

If you do it at a reasonably fast pace, add a reasonably aerobic component to the exercise.

10. Side Plank Twist

Advanced training for the obliques that will demand a lot of balance and coordination.

11. Windshield Wipers

Similar to the use on the ground, but this time taken from the bars, we performed the exercise.

12. Spiderman Pull-ups

The same movement mechanics of the spiderman push-ups but this time we will also work on the muscles of the back and biceps.

13. Hanging Windshield Wiper

We carry our feet together towards a single lap, start to touch the bar. Afterward, we go down and again we raise our feet together towards the other side to reach the bar with our feet. It requires a lot of hamstrings flexibility.

14. Hanging Oblique Raises

Exercise quite demanding that otherwise, in the long term, strengthens your grip power.

15. Hanging Knee Circles

Similar to the windshield wipers but with the knees as close to the chest as possible. This variant is for those who do not have hamstring flexibility that allows them to perform the windshield wipers.


We can say to complete that the exercise for obliques will strengthen aspects of our functionality. Such as postural, expiratory aspects, and will facilitate movements such as inclinations and rotations.

We can say that it will help to tone the lateral area of ​​the abdomen and with the great help of a low percentage of body fat. The obliques will be marked and toned to show off.

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