How to decorate walls with newspaper craft- ideas and steps

newspaper craft

Newspaper craft-There are many types of decoration with paintings for the walls of the home. The most common solution to dress the walls. But do not you want to give your home a touch of exclusivity and originality? If you want to radically change a room in your home. You may like some original techniques such as slate walls, magnetic or patchwork. But the idea that we bring you in this article of  you will love: how to decorate walls with newspaper craft.

In addition to being super creative, original and fun to make. It is an economical and ecological way. Since paper is recycled and is reusing it, to give new airs to your home. You will only need newspapers that you have been collecting, a line to paper and take note of what we tell you next.

Choose the decorative style with newspapers that best fit your wall

best newspaper craft

Likewise, it can adapt to your tastes. If you are passionate about sports you can choose covers and sporting goods with the best holders of your favorite team. If you like the economy the pages with news about stock indices and financial markets will be able to decorate your walls; if you are a lover of politics you can have the photographs, for example, of your favorite representatives. If you like fashion magazines. It is clear that you can have your bedroom papered with the latest trends that appear in magazines. So do not hesitate to paper the wall with newspapers of the theme you want. Such as your passion or hobbies.

Why decorate just one wall with newspaper craft

walls with newspaper craft

Undoubtedly, it is something shocking, and perhaps overloaded. So it is advisable to paper only one wall with newspaper, just do it to which you want to give prominence. And without abusing accessories such as pictures and photographs. To get a vintage touch , we recommend that they be old edition sheets that have a very marked yellowish color, that are placed without any order. And that cover the whole surface of the wall well.

It is also important that you take into account the planning of the whole before coating your wall. Since it is impossible to expect a great result without having made a previous design that guarantees that the wall is aesthetic.

In this sense, for the effect to be authentic. It is best to do a kind of repetition on the whole surface with the same type of leaves (in terms of size, color and position) distributed in a homogeneous way. And not as a chaos that has arisen in a crazy idea of ​​your head.

Steps to decorate the wall with newspaper craft

decorate walls with newspaper craft

You will need to gather the following material to paper your wall with newspapers:

  • Old newspapers that you have been collecting; the amount will depend on the size of the wall to be papered.
  • Brushes
  • Tail for wallpaper or carpenter’s tail.

All the steps to paper the wall with newspaper:

  • Clean the wall and make sure there are no nails or tacos that will bother you.
  • Dilute the glue in a little water.
  • Place a sheet of newspaper and apply the glue on it with the brush and continue doing the same with the following sheets, overlapping a little. Place them carefully so that you can see all the headlines and photographs that interest you most.
  • When it dries you can give it a coat of varnish and let it dry again.

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