4 Habits For a Healthy House

Healthy House

Worry about your health, practice regular exercise and watch your diet. Then, why not do the same with the decoration of your house. We spend a lot of time at home, it’s our little refuge. That’s why we should pamper the healthy house decoration.

The objective? Achieve healthy and inspiring spaces so that we feel really comfortable. Because happiness starts at home and not if you feel comfortable in your home, in the long term it will affect, not only your health, but also your emotional well-being. In this article we explain some beginner habits for a healthy house.

Separate and recycle

Healthy House

It is never too late to start doing things well, or to try something new for healthy house. So leave aside the topics and start with the basics of the basics: waste. Not only for a matter of hygiene and odors, but also for respect towards the environment, is it time to start separating the garbage. If you have not done it before. But, do it, well, well. For real.

That is, prepare several cubes in which to deposit each type of waste: plastic, paper, glass and organic. Take into account the size of each cube because of some waste you accumulate more than others and also the volume will be higher. And, of course, do not forget to recycle other waste such as oil and batteries.

Order and cleaning

Healthy House

Cleaning is another key aspect to enjoy a healthy house. So start emptying all the rooms and select, one by one, all the things you want to stay. Do you really use it? It makes your life easier? Does it have a truly incalculable sentimental value? If you do not find a good reason to keep that item, get rid of it! You can sell it second hand, donate it or give it to someone special.

If you have already cleaned at home and you have got rid of everything you do not need, it is time to start organizing the spaces. The decoration looks much more in an orderly house. But, most importantly, order transmits peace and serenity, in the face of the stress produced by the disorder. That’s why it’s so important to book even 10 or 15 minutes a day to keep the house tidy and clean. Especially the house areas that you use the most every day, like the bathroom and the kitchen.

The quality of the air is another detail to consider. Do not forget to renew the home air, ventilating every day for about 10 minutes and creating drafts that help you to purify the atmosphere of your rooms. Keep reading 6 REASONS TO BUILD A TIMBER FRAME HOUSE

Energy savings

Healthy House

Energy saving is another aspect that should also worry you. Start with the basics: monitor the stand-by mode of home appliances, even if you do not believe it, they consume up to 20%. And this, at the end of the month and at the end of the year, represents an important saving. In addition, at an environmental level, these devices emit up to 1% of greenhouse gases. Although 1% does not seem like a very high number, if we put all the neighbors of a neighborhood together, this figure increases considerably.

If you have not yet switched to LED lights, now is the time. When you finish reading this article, write down in your notebook: change the house bulbs by led lights. They do not produce greenhouse gases, they are safer and they also last much longer than conventional light bulbs.

The decoration also helps you

Healthy House

All gestures are important to make the house as healthy as possible. Among them, allow the flow of energy. How? Clearing surfaces, avoiding obstacles and enhancing natural light. In this sense, it is also worth highlighting the use of natural materials and fabrics. For example, textiles such as linen and cotton. And materials such as noble wood, without varnish, paint or other similar treatments.

Cleaning products is another issue that should also worry you. The ideal to enjoy a healthy house is to use natural products, whether homemade or purchased in stores. But, yes, watching that they are made with natural, biodegradable and non-polluting ingredients.

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