Hero’s, villains and their famous chairs

When you next watch a classic film with a hero and a villain, you will notice they always have a chair that becomes central to the plot.  Take the iconic feature film starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, “Men in Black” and the two Egg chairs that the hero’s sat in while contemplating the fate of the world and how they were going to annihilate all the rogue aliens that were terrorising Earth.  Then there’s the hover chairs in Pixar’s “WALL-E animated classic film that highlights the dangers of allowing the world to be turned into a huge garbage dump!  Any human in this film spends their entire life in a hover chair, drinking, eating and even moving around from the comfort of the chair.

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The feature film, “The Lord of the Rings” brings to life creatures from another world with the Hobbits Bilbo and Frodo Baggins, alongside evil beings like Gollum, but one main feature of the film was “The Throne of Gondor” Gandalf the Great Wizard’s chair.


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