Top keys to modern decoration idea

modern decoration

Lives in a beautiful residence in the city of Rerecord. It stands out for a  modern decoration that has a current, original and playful design. A personalized atmosphere full of original decorative details that bring warmth and harmony. We will take advantage of this house to tell you what are the keys to modern decoration.

Decorating a house in a modern and contemporary way is a rising trend. Something that is really simple, and that does not need excessive spending. You just need some guidelines and order ideas to change the decoration

Keys to modern decoration

modern decoration idea

This style emerged in the mid-twentieth century and includes the foundations of minimalism and Nordic decoration . The goal is to create harmonious, simple and functional environments . Nowadays it is usually combined with elements of vintage style and give a new use to old pieces. The modern decoration seeks luminosity, warmth and optimal distribution of space.

Simple and refined lines

 The shape follows the function  would be one of the keys to modern decoration, and is characterized by the use of simple lines using geometric figures. He flees unnecessary ornaments and curves and focuses only on the necessary elements. A refined design stands out both in the furniture and in the decorative complements, creating an effect of order and balance.

Predominance of light and neutral tones

best modern decoration

The neutral and clear colors have the power to make a modern decoration have a timeless and peaceful atmosphere. When the renovation of a residence is undertaken, one of the first questions that must be decided is what colors you want to prevail in the different rooms. The different chromatic ranges have a great emotional power capable of producing energizing or soothing sensations.

In this house the predominant colors are white (vertical walls and furniture) and green. The latter is used in various shades to give depth and highlight some elements on the rest.

The lighting: essential

Having good lighting is essential in all decorative styles, but it is one of the main keys of modern decoration. Natural light makes the spaces shine and appear wider.

Natural and authentic atmosphere thanks to materials and textiles

In the house, noble materials such as wood (in light tones) stand out in the furniture and on the pavement of the house. This noble material evokes nature and gives warmth to the environment. Tanja bets on the natural and the authentic to achieve a very special and cozy modern decoration.

The plant fibers are present in the house both inside and outside. They are natural materials that give freshness and authenticity to the environment, as well as being very resistant and easy to maintain.

Natural fibers in decoration

the modern decoration

Textiles of light colors and pastel colors predominate in natural fabrics such as cotton, wool, linen … present in cushions and rugs.

Design accessories

The details and complements of the house have a specific function, but they have a special aesthetic that makes them shine with their own light. In each corner there are details that give harmony and balance to the environment. The paintings, pictures and photographs, for example, are ideal elements for a modern decoration. The right composition gives  personality to the walls .

Nature: protagonist of the decoration

keys to modern decoration

Great lover of nature, his house is full of beautiful plants and flowers , as well as sheets with large patterns of leaves (trend). Plants can transform any space into a cozy and warm place. They are the perfect elements to combine with pieces and designer furniture.

On the terrace there is a modern decoration based on a careful selection of accessories and details. Cushions with beautiful prints in neutral colors. A careful lighting thanks to garlands of lights  and suspended paper lamps. Of course the plants can not miss to fill the space with life and joy.

What do you think of this beautiful house? We hope that the keys of modern decoration that we detail throughout this article will come in handy if you are thinking about applying it to the decoration of your home.

Finally, if you want to enjoy a modern decorating the most important thing is to know how to decorate it, because a house can change and much of a decoration to another. For this reason, we have created this website, with the aim that you can find the best decoration techniques, through which to get a modern and beautiful house.

The first thing you have to be clear, is that the decoration should always be personalized and adapted to your tastes . For this reason, we will always recommend making a decoration with furniture that you really like and with colors that you like. In addition, it is important that the colors are not very striking, because this could cause you to get tired over time and therefore you had to change the decoration.

On the other hand, you must remember that all the decoration you will have to make with high quality furniture and especially modern . By this we mean that you will have to bet on furniture with little recharge, soft colors and above all with straight lines. In addition, you should not forget that the shooters must be hidden, in order to adapt to modern fashion.

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