How to decorate bifold doors

Bifolding as well as patio doors remain highly popular due to fresh and contemporary designs and practical advantages. They’re also a good way to let in more light. It helps to improve your energy levels and avoids seasonal depression.

When it comes to dressing them, there are plenty of options! Which curtain fabric is best? Which curtain track is best?

  1. Curtains with poles

Tracks or poles? Personal preference is important. They are both compatible with the majority of bi-folding door models. Poles are available in wood or metal. For support, wooden long poles have a larger diameter (45mm to 55mm) in order to be able hold more weight. Metal poles start at a diameter of 28mm. Choose a metal or wooden pole that has a 35mm diameter for curtains weighing up to 14 kg. Many designs are available for extra-long curtain rods.

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  1. Curtains with tracks

Curtain tracks can be used as an alternative. Heavier curtains require tracks made from metal. Although plastic is an alternative, it requires extra brackets in order to hold heavy curtains. The curtain tracks make it easy to pull large curtains. The tracks can be made longer for oversized doors. To find out more about Bifold Doors Cardiff, visit

  1. Blinds are a great way to add style and decor to bifolding doors

Blinds are an option that blends perfectly with the contemporary look. If there’s not much space above your door, blinds are a good option as it can be awkward to install rails. There are many styles of blinds, such as venetian or roller blinds.

Blinds and doors can operate independently. Venetian blinds allow for better flexibility around light levels entering the room. Electric blinds are easier to use, and sliding panels work best for doors that fold from the floor up to the ceiling. These types of blinds are usually installed in between bifold doors or double glazed windows, for example.

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  1. Bifold door curtains with heavy drapes

A thermal liner can be used to reduce cold weather heat loss inside the home. Blackout lining is a great idea in rooms like bedrooms and living rooms to reduce the amount of glare from the sun. Cotton and wool are the most popular fabrics for heavy curtains.

  1. Light curtains

Muslin drapes are lightweight, affordable and very elegant. However, the lighter weight curtains will cause your house to lose more heat and be more noisy.

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